Seriously, it’s pretty boring around here. Hopefully things will pick up next week.

 hidden video fun time!

  • Anonymous

    I liked it, the music was catchy and the dancing amusing.

  • frith

    Boring?! It's August 6th, Generosity Day, Rarity's Element! Check it out! I had a blast and I have goodies to give away:

  • frith

    You want excitement? Check it out as olde tyme My Little Pony fans dip a Brony in shit over "entitlement". All this territorial pissing is ridiculous. No one is entitled to anything. I have oppinions, but I am not _entitled_ to have them. Silly people and their variations on manifest destiny. Bronies are getting a little attention from Hasbro because they are very creative, very enthusiastic and completely left field. Olde tyme MLP collectors gain nothing by distancing themselves from male FIM fans.

  • derpymaths

    that was completely awesome

  • commander jesus

    I made news this week. I FEEL IMPORTANT.