She was found over at a Walmart by rainbow_dash_official over on Instagram.

She looks like the same Twilight plushie that came out at Target.

[Source: Instagram]

  • moonsugar

    Would you just look at that scrunchy face! :P

  • Oh, my! I want it! I need it! I really like her mane and tail soooooo much better than that linguine stuff Funrise uses.

  • Brendan Danieli

    Dat scrunchy face…

    Did she just swallow a lemon?

  • Evabadeva

    Dat face…

  • reimu

    so this is what they are passing off as an official plush? i’ve seen the fans put more effort into handmade plushes.

  • Hawaii Brony

    Speaking of Walmart finds, did anyone else see they put out a collector’s tin for the cards aswell? There’s already afew up on ebay too. Seems it comes with a special foil Twilight Sparkle card, a mini poster, and 6 booster packs.

  • Hawaii Brony

    Isn’t that one of the older ones, I remember seeing them before awhile back and a Twilight one at Wals too. They were around 20 inches if memory serves me