Nostalgia Theater – Outlaw Ponies

Outlaw Star – Pony Version

Original DHN Archives – 4/1/2011

.. Old news is old and I’d probably just let this one sit, but considering how big of a fan of the Outlaw Star series that I am, there was no way I could not make a news post on it. I didn’t catch this on EqD when it was posted, I saw Outlaw Pony and thought with all the western theme stuff that has been going around since Over a Barrel, that it was something about the old west. MFW its actually Outlaw Star.

.. For anyone who hasn’t seen the series in a long time, the scene in the comic comes from Episode 4 “When the hot ice melts”. And if you have never seen the uncut version, which I’d assume everyone has since this show aired I think around 2000 on CN/Toonami or even its short airing on Adult Swim, do watch it, they butched the TV version. What I never got is they cut Episode 23 “Hot Springs Planet” from the entire series, and that episode explains so much about what is going on in the series. Oy.

Outlaw Ponies by Princess Crimson

Over the weekend many of us got a good dose of nostalgia when Adult Swim actually made a smart move and played Toonami for their April Fools. Between that, the fact they played Outlaw Star, and the fact I had been wanting to reprint this in Nostalgia Theater reminded me that I wanted to do just that.


Oddly enough it was April Fools when this original crossover was published. The above post is from our original article. Upon further investigation when I dug the comics back out is the fact there was two sets made, same scene from the show, and the fact we had credited the wrong comic to the wrong person.

Short story, two artists who were friends set out to do a crossover comic and both wanted to do the same scene from Outlaw Star. Thus we end up with two versions. The version we featured was made by Elosande, while credit was given to Princess-red20 (Princess Crimson), who did a b/w version.

So this edition of Nostalgia Theater, we give credit to the right people, and feature both.

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