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This one’s a bit of a late find, and somewhat short, but it’s interesting nonetheless.  ComicsOnline landed a small interview with Meghan McCarthy and Jayson Thiessen during New York Comic Con a couple of weeks ago.  You can catch it embedded after the break, or by clicking the picture above.

NYCC 2012: My Little Pony – Meghan McCarthy and Jayson Thiessen from ComicsOnline. Like this? Watch the latest episode of ComicsOnline on Blip!

ComicsOnline.comapos;s Kroze Kresky interviews Meghan McCarthy and Jayson Thiessen from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic at New York Comic Con 2012.

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  • Is it late because Hasbro took forever to approve it? Or is it just normal “procrastinate because I’m lazy” that everyone falls immune to? (“I’ll upload it as soon as I can/soon.”)

    • Doc

      Late on our end, that is. It was uploaded a week ago.

  • Thankѕ for finally tаlking аbout >