Several days ago we posted about the Enterplay swag that is being sold at NYCC, with some of the details right and wrong namely cause we’re repeating 2nd hand information. Thankfully Enterplay sent us direct information about what is being sold at their both at the New York Comic Con, which started today. Enterplay can be found at booth #957.

There was a little confusion about Derpy, namely was it a trading card or a poster being given away, turns out its actually both. Here is the info directly from Enterplay:

The beautiful foil card is a gift with the purchase of one of three posters that will make their first appearance this weekend.

  1. “D” foil poster – very special foil treatment. This poster is an NYCC exclusive for $15.00
  2. Discord Poster – beautiful image, and part of an ongoing series. $10.
  3. Queen Chrysalis Poster – in all her glory. $10

So there is actually both a Derpy exclusive trading card and a poster, the card as said above is a free gift with purchase of one of the posters. Unfortunately if you’re not at NYCC, it means you’ll probably have to play some Thunderdome on eBay for them, as many commented in the previous article, there are unfortunately people who are going to get the swag just for the fact they now know these things are running for a good price at auction, rather than them being handed out to fans. But that is the way the world works now a days. Good luck.

  • Citrus Rain

    Not. Fair.

    Is my AJ from CG at least an exclusive?

    • Anonymous

      Like all promos except Rarity, Applejack was initially released at Canterlot Gardens, but is to be redistributed in the future, like Fluttershy was originally given away at Everfree Northwest, but distributed through survey.

  • Jody Morgan

    Yeah, I’ve pretty much given up on getting any official Derpy merchandise, outside of a t-shirt and messenger bag from WeLoveFine. It’s all just going to be limited-edition con exclusives with 3/4 of the product winding up in the hands of eBay scalpers.

  • Yeah, it bugs me that Derpy, the unofficial mascot of the fandom, is nearly impossible for most fans to get. I don’t mind specials at cons, but very few people can actually go to cons. After a few months, I’d like it if those specials could be made available to everyone else somehow. These things should be numerous enough that everyone who wants one should eventually be able to get one.