Odds and Ends #1

I figured I start this series as a reference for news items that didn’t warrant their own posts, a bit like I used to do with my Miscellanea page on Ponyleaks back in the day. These posts will be rather irregular since small things, just like their big counterparts, don’t tend to happen evenly spread out over time; they will also include slightly older news that had to wait in the post draft for a while.

  • Lauren Faust has posted a comprehensive entry in her DeviantArt journal urging her readers and fans to donate to the Indiegogo campaign of a local zoo, the Wildlife Learning Center. Rather than imprisoning animals that could’ve had a happy life in freedom, their focus seems to be on rescuing animals from conditions they otherwise would’ve been unlikely to survive. Oh, and they have an alligator by the name of Fluffy!
  • News media are again spamming Ethisphere’s “world’s most ethical companies” list, and Hasbro is on it again. Luckily these awards have been around for a few years, enough for journalists to inquire into their methods and procedures. Here, for example, reports from Co.Exist (2012) and Slate (2010).
  • The Japanese My Little Pony site has launched, and they also have Twitter and Facebook accounts. Now someone need to upload Japanese to my brain. (Tobibrocki also pointed us to this listing. Thanks.)
  • F0xybat has scanned the LPU con book—one of a few dozen ink jet–printed, stapled pamphlets. Many people have paid good money to have their advertisement in there, and in the end hardly anyone got one of them, so please have look now.
  • Layout artist Nayuki divulged that while Bon Bon may sometimes be a jerk, she’s not consistently a jerk. But as Lyra fan he may be biased.
  • Meet Reetta Linjama who did posing work on My Little Pony and for that has deserved more followers.
  • And finally, back to 2011. I actually retweeted this December 2011 tweet by Daniel Ingram on February 15, when it was mentioned in a review that the finale would feature precisely seven songs.
  • David

    私の少し小馬! かわいい~!!!

  • Anonymous

    Knowing now how rare those LPU conbooks were, I am – in retrospect – rather surprised that my group managed to get even one to share between us.

    The printer-paper construction and off-center stapling job should have been ample warning of how badly organized the con was, but alas at the time we didn’t think anything of it, except as something to laugh at.

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