Odds and Ends #10

  • Natasha Levinger finally revealed the first bit of information about her writerly involvement with Friendship is Magic. This means that she wrote 409, since that is the episode with the song “Apples to the Core.”
  • It was storyboarded by Emmett Hall.
  • Unfortunately, M.A. Larson hasn’t written any season 4 episodes, but he’ll probably be back for future (or futurer) seasons. The good news is that this is due to his selling a whole book series plus screenplay. Congrats!
  • Something dis-/similar must’ve caused Cindy Morrow to go on a pony hiatus, but it seems to have been temporary and apparently already past.
  • Equestria Daily published a list of the people who actually did write for season 4, but since it is unsourced (to protect the source) we couldn’t independently verify it. Please take this information with a grain of salt. The list includes the new writers Natasha LevingerJosh Haber, Scott Sonneborn, and Ed Valentine (he retweeted Meghan at one point, so the account is probably the right one).
  • Peek after the break for a video review by The Aficionados.
  • “Masked Matter-Horn” and “Fili-Second” are the hero names of Twilight and Pinkie Pie in the Power Ponies episode.
  • Don’t forget to congratulate Gillian M. Berrow on November 25.
  • Some money talk about Hasbro’s results for the second quarter.
  • Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust’s Wander Over Yonder will premiere on September 13, with some advance previews. You can find Disney’s full press release here. I also want to start a little thing here that might later be merged into DHN, or not. No idea. Just follow it and all that.
  • There are new T-shirts on Truffleshuffle, according to Dave.
  • From Slashx: “These pictures were discovered inside the Dash for the Crown flash game. They were meant to be used to tell the game’s story (which is the same as the movie’s); however, the screencaps show major differences from the final cut such as Spike entering the mirror with Twilight and an alternate version of the infamous TwiScream.”
  • Here a section from one of the many Equestria Girls reviews that have been popping up (And in that context *cough, cough, cough* oh, and *cough.* Also thanks to Dos and Kryptonlogic.):
    This DVD has a few special features, including Through The Mirror, which is a making-of feature. It is divided into three parts. The first part, titled “The Movie,” is approximately twelve and a half minutes long, and includes interviews with Mike Vogel, Meghan McCarthy, Tara Strong, Jayson Thiessen and Stephen Davis. In this part, they talk about the story and the concept of this film, as well as some similarities to The Wizard Of Oz. Also, they talk about the new character, Sunset Shimmer. The second part, “The Look,” is about the design of the film, and is approximately six minutes. There are interviews with Ridd Sorensen (art director), Mike Vogel, Jayson Thiessen, Tara Strong, Meghan McCarthy and Kora Kosicka (a character designer). The third part, “The Music,” features an interview with song writer Daniel Ingram, who talks about giving the songs a more modern feel than those in the television series. This segment is approximately four minutes.
    The bonus features also include two karaoke songs: “Cafeteria Song” and “Friends For Life.” The vocals are taken out, so you can add your own. There is also something called “Ponify Yourself,” but I actually have no idea what this one-minute snippet is supposed to be.
  • In that context, you’ll appreciate this scoop. The actual movie has been removed from YouTube, so you’ll have to get it from here again.
  • Kryptonlogic and Dos also created rips of the songs. Kryptonlogic writes “I ripped the audio straight from the blu-ray of Equestria Girls and zipped it up and uploaded it to YouTube.” Dos elaborates further: “Here you can find a lossless (FLAC) soundtrack from Equestria Girls movie (well, not really lossless, as blu-ray disk has its audio track stored in DTS, which is lossy, so this ‘lossless’ means ‘no additional loss over the blu-ray original source’). About that lossless thing, there’s an exception. There are two official instrumental songs taken from bonus content from the blu-ray disk (Equestria Girls and A Friend for Life) which were stored in lossless PCM, so they are truly lossless here too. I think that makes them the first official lossless songs ever released for My Little Pony.”

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