Odds and Ends #9

Here again a few interesting tidbits that have accumulated over the past weeks but didn’t make our post threshold.

  • From G.M. Berrow’s book Pinkie Pie and the Rockin’ Ponypalooza Party: “ ‘I’d like you all to welcome to Ponyville … my FAMILY! Look, look! It’s really them!’ Pinkie threw confetti onto the crowd of townsponies and a cheer rang out. ‘See?! That’s my mom, Cloudy Quartz, and my dad, Igneous Rock! And my two sisters—Marble Pie and Limestone Pie!’ The crowd craned their necks to get a look at the newcomers. ‘That’s Pinkie Pie’s family?’ Spike said to Twilight. ‘But they don’t look anything like her!’ ‘Maybe they are one of those families that are similar in other ways.’ Twilight suggested. They did look a bit plain to have such a kooky daughter like Pinkie. But families came in all shapes, sizes, and colors.” (Emphasis mine.) Now we have another case of fanon names battling canon names. Popcorn time. If you are confused as to who is Marble and who Limestone Pie, G.M. Berrow gotcha covered. (Thanks to Equestria Daily and them for the heads-up and Tenko for doing research for me.)
  • Some behind-the-scenes scheduling info from Sibsy: “Just wondering, how much time did it take you to make and finish the part in the movie you worked on?” “We had 8 weeks to board our sequences.” “And a single episode how much time requires instead?” “Six weeks.”
  • Here a bit from Lauren Faust about character design.
  • On June 27, Nayuki deleted many of his posts on Allspark and apparently is no longer active on the board. He’l be sorely missed. One of his last posts were, about Vinyl Scratch, “Yep. ‘Background’ ponies are the ones we use to fill up crowds and have no problems ‘cloning’ if necessary for really big crowds. DJ Pon-3 is a secondary character, like Cheerilee or the Cakes,” about Lyra, “The students were not based off of background pony designs. Which is great news for fanartists. Now they can draw pony versions of the students and EQG versions of background ponies,” and about “the other girl who went against Sunset Shimmer,” “It was Rarity. Some of the stuff related to that was trimmed out early on, but there are still a couple lines in the movie that imply it.” They were probably all from this thread.
  • Here’s a Twilight commercial. Whatever.
  • One of the first real bits of news about Season 4, albeit a very small bit: Michael Dobson (voice of Nappa from Dragonball Z, among many others) is listed in a roster posted by his agent as having a coming role in Friendship is Magic. As for what role he’s playing, and how large said role is, it’s a total mystery.

After the break, the Ponyville Live recording of a Fiesta Equestria Derpy Hooves panel. Thanks, Allie!

“Skip to 11:20 to speed past our Derptastic technical difficulties!” —Allie