Official BronyCon Coverage by EverFree Radio

EverFree Radio and BronyCon

EverFree Radio is pleased to release our official BronyCon Summer 2012 live coverage information! Can’t be at the con? Live on the other side of the world? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

We will be covering both stages, both days, on 2 simultaneous streams! That’s right, 2 concurrent streams running for the entire convention! Choose which panels you want to watch, and don’t miss a thing! The full event schedule displays events in your own local timezone so you won’t miss any events due to conversion errors, and both streams are easily viewable and swappable on our Official BronyCon Viewer Page! We will also have roving camera teams wandering the convention floor, providing coverage of the booths and other attractions that aren’t on the stages. It’s almost as good as being there!

Every aired panel will also be recorded for later upload to YouTube, since there are so many awesome things happening on both stages concurrently, there’s no way for one person to watch everything the first time through!

Be sure to stop by our website, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel, to get updates on the panels as they get put up immediately following the event!

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