At The Carnival
by *Killryde

Over the course of this week there has been multiple sightings of new merchandise. Its not surprising as we knew months ago many of the new items were slated for release during August, including the new toy lines and of course the Royal Wedding DVD. Not everything has reached our shores yet, but as always you can find them for sale floating on China’s Taobao site. Here’s what has cropped up.

First up are the new “Sets” that are slated to come out in September. The Pony Spa Set which of course features Lotus Blossum from the Spa (minus her sister), Pinkie Pie and Zecora. This set has been spotted on Taobao in the past week, and can be pre-ordered from ToyWiz here for $14.99. I’m assuming the other two sets are part of the new releases, this includes the Pony Wedding Set with Candance, Shining Armor and Twilight and the Cloudsdale Set featuring Rainbow Dash, Gilda and a Wonderbolt. This set is also available for pre-order off of ToyWiz for $27.99 for all three.

Seems some of the Crystal Blind Bag ponies have started to crop up on eBay, assuming these are from the most recent waves of Blind Bags, I would guess you probably cannot find them over here in the US just yet (though of course you can go find them on eBay). Also check ToyWiz, as they tend to sell the Blind Bags individually unwrapped.

A Hoity Toity blind bag figure has also been spotted around the internet.

Awhile ago there was 5-6 inch plushies found at Target made by Funrise. It was also said that they had planned on releasing bigger versions. Seems these larger plushies are now cropping up around Walmarts, the first being reported by PolkaDot99 of Organg County, California. So you can add this to your list if you go searching Walmart for the elusive Posters or other pony merchandise.

On the trading card side of things, the Collectors Binder being offered by Enter-play is now available for pre-order off their website for $19.99 with a shipping date of August 30th. The cards themselves were released on 7/17 and can be found at various sites and stores. Again ToyWiz has them available for purchase.

Thanks to Emdefmek who also sent us in a spreadsheet template found here on Google Docs for those who want to keep track of their collection. The spreadsheet includes all the cards in the series. You can use Ctrl-A to copy the spreadsheet and post it in your own gdoc.

The Pony Friends Forever (PFF) sets have started to appear at Toys R Us stores, another addition to the toy library for this year. You have the above set dubbed the Friendship Celebration Collection which features 12 different sets of blind bag sized ponies (is that Derpy & Carrot Top in the left center?). The second set (directly below) is the Pony Scooter Friends, and the third being the Princess Celestia & Friends TeaTime set featuring Rainbow Dash in her lovely garden hat.

On a side note while checking out ToyWiz, which has a whole section for SDCC exclusives, it seems the Derpy figure had appeared on the site, but is currently sold out. I would assume that they will not get anymore if this was truly an exclusive run. You can check the page out here and they had them for $119.99 usd. NOTE: The page does say “In Stock” but then right under it says they just sold the last one. The same thing if you add it to your cart. Also it seems slightly odd that the “Manufacturer” is listed as Mattel, Series: Hasbro. Mattel is basically the Pepsi to Hasbro’s coke, so not sure what is going on.

Our merchandise source is mostly from MLPG4Merch blog on Tumblr (the binder, EqD).

  • Citrus Rain

    Time to drown in merchandise.

  • Hawaii Brony

    The sad this is, I’ve been to almost every walmart on the island(Oahu) and both Targets this week alone, but still haven’t seen the plush or posters yet T-T

    • Hawaii Brony

      Whoops, sorry bout the typo, “sad thing” is what i meant to type