by ~ValiumAngel

On January 2nd it seems MLP:FiM premiered on Russian TV. According to the Anon who sent us the info it sounds like it was pretty bad. Or well in their words…Worse, Thing, Ever. According to what was written to me, the voices being used were disgusting, and they even went as far as to translate the names. So what we got is…

Сумеречная Искорка / Sumerechnaya Iskorka – Twilight Sparkle

Raduga Dash – Rainbow Dash

Лунная Пони / Lunnaya Poni – Nightmare Moon

I was also given a link to the YouTube copy of the episode. Currently 82 likes and 128 dislikes, so the Russians have spoken. As said by the submitter, Pinkie’s song in Ep2 is going to be interesting. Embed after the break.

  • lightningthorn

    im pretty sure at 1:10ish the narrator says team rocket

  • That’s what I was talking about earlier. Lousy jobs like that dub just force foreign fans go for piracy, because for some weird reason pirated content has way better quality than the official one.

  • MelancholySyreth

    Still better than the hungarian. X(

  • Reinboudesh Ekwestrievich

    I feel pity for the Russian MLP:FiM fans who watch the dubbed version. Original soundtrack is almost always the only acceptable one. Thou, I can remember a few cartoon shows back in the days (Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop, to be exact) I watched in Russian dub and I liked it even more than original soundtrack, hehe.

  • Hurrdurr

    Want to laugh?

    Nightmare Moon – Lunnaya Poni (“moon pony” or “lunar pony”)
    Mare in the Moon – Lunnaya Poni
    Princess Luna – Lunnaya Poni

    I am not even kidding. These are the actual translations.

    • Anonymous

      Even worse. They actually translated “You’re the Mare in the Moon. Nightmare Moon.” as “Ты Лунная пони – Лунная пони!”/”Ty Lunnaya Poni – Lunnya Pony!”