Songs of Friendship and Magic

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At BroNYCon in late 2011, Jayson Thiessen said it might happen. Now it has happened. The official soundtrack has been released under the title My Little Pony – Songs of Friendship and Magic (Music from the Original TV Series). You can find it on Google Play and iTunes.

It contains 11 songs and a booklet for $9.99.

Unfortunately I don’t see the Cutie Mark Crusaders song in the listing, a good version of which would’ve been wonderful to hear. But it’s utterly ridiculous to whine about that now when the event calls for the celebration of the end of a three-year wait!

Name Artist Time Price
1 At the Gala Song Daniel Ingram 3:22 $0.99
2 Becoming Popular Daniel Ingram 1:54 $0.99
3 The Smile Song Daniel Ingram 3:26 $0.99
4 Art of the Dress Daniel Ingram 1:48 $0.99
5 May the Best Pet Win Daniel Ingram 3:44 $0.99
6 The Flim Flam Cider Song Daniel Ingram 3:54 $0.99
7 The Laughter Song Daniel Ingram 1:14 $0.99
8 Winter Wrap Up Daniel Ingram 3:24 $0.99
9 B.B.B.F.F. Daniel Ingram 1:42 $0.99
10 This Day Aria Daniel Ingram 2:16 $0.99
11 Love Is in Bloom Daniel Ingram 1:52 $0.99
BookletDigital Booklet Daniel Ingram Album Only

  • Bubblegum

    Sort of disappointed that William Anderson’s amazing BGM is ignored. I can get the songs with lyrics by listening to them on the show

    • Yeah, it definitely is a bit disappointing. Honestly though, it’s what I was expecting we’d get if Hasbro ever decided to go ahead with a soundtrack. They want something with the maximum money making potential with the smallest risk, and they know this soundtrack will be purchased by everyone, whereas a more comprehensive OST with lots of incidental and background music by William Anderson may only be purchased by “collectors.” This CD is something parents can buy for their kids to listen to, and something that fans of the show will buy, even though it doesn’t really offer anything new (other than being remastered in CD quality audio, which is something I guess).

    • My previous post sounds kind of negative. So I should add, I really do love Daniel Ingram’s work on the show, and I’m glad we’re getting the opportunity to hear his work in the highest possible quality. It’s just that William Anderson composes nearly 22 minutes of music for every episode, and is responsible for most of the recurring musical themes (think Everfree Forest, Canterlot fanfare, Rainbow Dash and Sonic Rainboom music, Zecora, Discord, etc, etc), so it would have been great to see some of his work recognized on this release.

    • Bubblegum

      It is amazing to har Daniel Ingram’s song work in quality that sharp though, listening to the preview clips, I was able to ehar alot I can’t from hearing the music on the show. The incidental music would definitely benefit from this treatment.
      Also, hey InfinityDash – your BGM rips and remixes really helped me get into MLP :)

    • Dogman15

      The problem is, it’s not even a CD! At least not right now. You have do download it in a lossy format and then put it on a CD. And there are so many problems with just the digital booklet alone.