ink studies, My Little Pony
by ~andypriceart

Last weekend was the Cincinnati Comic Expo and in attendance was Katie Cook (and I do believe her partner in crime Andy Price). A pair of reporters from The Out Housers ( got a chance to sit down with Katie and ask a few questions about the up coming MLP:FiM comic series by IDW.

Katie: Our goal is to make a good all ages – NOT JUST LITTLE GIRLS – book.  Both Andy and I are fans of the show and we want to make a good comic for this property that we love.

Everyone is expecting this comic book to fail. The people who hate MLP view this as a cash grab (really, what comic isn’t?) and fans of the show think it will “suck and only be for little girls.” We want to make a comic that we are proud of that respects the show.  This is all very strange because I have been told by multiple shops that MLP #1 is the most requested pre-order they have had in a long time.

Working with IDW has been pretty easy. We have the book set up to be 4 issue arcs where we hope to add some depth to characters and stories that have been highlighted in the cartoon.

You can read the full interview here.

  • StereoPony454

    I for one am eagerly awaiting the upcoming comic and have faith that the book will be just as good *if not a bit better* then the cartoon it is based off of! To all the Neigh-sayers, I say, go buck a zap-apple tree! MLP:FIM shall be the best All-Ages comic IDW has ever produced!!!!