Sleeping Derpy
by ~Froncake

TheOutHousers.Com (OH! Entertainment) today posted a quick article about IDW’s My Little Pony Friendship is Magic comic. The skinny? That pre-orders have surpassed 90,000 copies which is a good reason the release date was pushed back (so they can print them all). Scary enough the pre-orders for Issue #1 has surpass sales for more recent issues of popular comics, namely:

  • Uncanny X-Men
  • Green Lantern
  • Detective Comics
  • Amazing Spider Man

They also poked a little fun with the community, saying that Marvel announced they were developing a new TV show dubbed My Little Wolvie: Stabbing is Special, claiming its aimed at 20 to 40 year old single males, aka the brony demographics. And for Celestia sakes take that in stride, bad enough people are marching around with torches and pitchforks over Walmart’s I <3 Brony shirt.

OH! Entertainment – My Little Pony Comic Outsells Green Lantern, Wolverine, and the X-Men, Detective Comis and Amazing Spider Man

  • JT

    *Geting ready to light torch* Wait, what? Aw c’mon! My Little Wolvie would be *so awesome*


  • Torches over the G1 I <3 Branies shirt? Aw c'mon! Don't feed the trolls, hardly anyone can be _that_ upset just because the suits at WalMart are clueless.