Since the announcement of Equestria Girls, bronies all over the Internet have had different opinions. Some are skeptical, some outright hate it, and some like the idea. Myself? I’m skeptical. I don’t outright hate it, but I don’t like the idea of anthropomorphizing these characters. I’ll give it a chance, that’s for sure, but I don’t expect much from it.

Now, aside from our favorite equines becoming human, what do we know about Equestria Girls? We know that Daniel Ingram is doing songs for it; that’s a bit reassuring. We know that it will not affect My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in any way; also reassuring. Lastly, there are rumors that it’s going to be released in Digiplex Theaters in June and July of this year.

It will not directly affect Friendship is Magic. We have the always great Daniel Ingram doing the music. It’s going to be released in theaters…so it may just be a “one time thing” (or it could spawn a series, who knows?). What could possibly go wrong? I’ll tell you…

This might be Hasbro’s way of making Friendship is Magic a “little girl’s show.”

Right now, all we can do is speculate.

I don’t know what to think of Hasbro right now. They’ve filed multiple cease-and-desist letters to fan artists over the past few months. Hasbro is to bronies as EA is to gamers (or Call of Duty in some cases). The majority of bronies really don’t like Hasbro, and sometimes it seems that Hasbro really doesn’t like bronies. This is just speculation, but I think Hasbro is scared of bronies. We’re different. We’re grown men and women who watch colorful equines saving the day. Hasbro’s original intention was to make this a show for little girls only. The target demographic is somewhere around the ages 3-9. Then the bronies came along and changed the system. Now Hasbro has a fandom on their hands, one that basically represents the My Little Pony franchise now. When people think of My Little Pony, they don’t think of Hasbro, they think of bronies. Bronies write dark fan fics, make fan animations, make art, make plushies. Bronies make more merchandise, better merchandise, for My Little Pony than Hasbro ever has. Why do bronies make better merchandise than Hasbro does? Because bronies make their art out of love for the show, while Hasbro does it for profit (considering they’re a toy corporation).

I personally think, and I hope that I’m wrong, that Equestria Girls is Hasbro’s way of taking My Little Pony back, and making it a show purely for little girls. Equestria Girls is Hasbro’s answer to bronies; Equestria Girls would be for bronies, and Friendship is Magic would be for children (no more fight scenes, no more witty remarks… just a kid’s show). This puts Friendship is Magic back within its target demographic. It’s less “uncomfortable” for Hasbro executives to have an adult fan base for a show about human girls on their hands, than it is to have an adult fan base for a show about ponies on their hands.

If this is the case, it’s sad. Hasbro is sitting on a gold mine with Friendship is Magic and the brony fandom, and if the above scenario is truly what’s going on, they’re throwing that gold mine away and slapping bronies in the face.

What do fans think of Equestria Girls?

Our fandom tends to have strong opinions. With Twilicorn, for example, some fans panicked, some threatened to leave the fandom and some loved the idea (myself included). I found it appropriate to gather a few fan reactions to Equestria Girls. I spoke with several Bronies, and got their opinions on Equestria Girls.

David Larsen: “I’m not terribly fond of the concept, and unless the reviews are exceptionally good, I don’t think I’ll be likely to watch it. But as long as it doesn’t leak into Friendship is Magic by becoming FiM canon, I think it’s fine that they’re trying out new things, and I hope it’ll be a success.”

Stormy Specter: “I think it’s a smart idea but also think it’s kind of lame; the idea of the ponies becoming human just doesn’t fit in (well for Lyra’s sake it’s a good thing) but I think it would be cool to see. I mean, yeah they are humans and it somewhat reminds me of Bratz, but we just got to give it a chance like we did with MLP FiM. But over all just let the writers do what they do, and besides, if Equestria Girls turns out to be real bad, just don’t watch it because it’s a spinoff; that means it won’t involve the My Little Pony we all know and love.”

Emily Koch: “I’m not a fan. I personally just don’t like the idea…to me, it sounds like another way for Hasbro to sell more toys and make more money. But when it comes out, I’ll give it a watch. If I like it, I’ll keep watching. If not, I just won’t watch it!”

DJ Calcos: “The biggest reason that we love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the first place is because it takes girly material and makes it awesome.  FiM isn’t good in spite of it’s girliness, but because it is girly, in all the best ways.

Equestria Girls looks to complete reverse that, and do it’s best to go back to the days of having entertainment for girls and women always be about chasing after boys, fashion, and other “girly” things.  Basically, I predict it to be as shallow as possible.  That’s the thing about FiM that people see, but never feel: Friendship is Magic glorifies absolutely everything that’s amazing about being female.

We have characters who enjoy athletics, love science and learning, run a business about fashion, adore having a blast, do everything they can to care for everyone and everything, and understand the value of a good work ethic.  These characters embody everything good about not just being female, but being human, and presents it in a girly way that’s appealing for everyone.  It’s undeniably feminine in design, but that’s why it’s amazing.”

JanAnimations: “Well I must say I’m still pretty confused and at the same time intrigued by the thing, but I’ll gladly give it a shot when it comes out”.

Ryan C: “No sir, I don’t like it.”

The Verdict

I, personally, will give Equestria Girls a chance. I gave My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a chance, too (The idea appealed to me more though than Equestria Girls).

No matter what happens with My Little Pony in the future, just remember: we’re all bronies, and we all have got to stick together.

Laus deo. May peace flow throughout this fandom.


  • Predelnik

    Hell yeah I definitely agree we need just to give this chance, and see who are story writers will be, how much concept will change and so on. I don’t mind if it would be on par with mlp, but if it will be another cartoon that you can easily put into a trash can, well that’s the way it is, and there’s nothing too surprising about it.

  • Mirage

    I don’t recall to many Cease & Desists besides things like Fighting is Magic.. Plus I find it unlikely they’re actually trying to tear us away from Friendship is Magic. Equestria Girls is just a special for MLP’s 30th Anniversary for all I’m concerned. And since MLP is their highest selling product right now, I don’t think they’d purposely ruin their highest rating show (which would piss off the Hub no doubt) just to get us to go away.

    • Anonymous

      Most of the C&Ds on fan material have been targeted at the plushies. Hasbro also knows there can be a massive backlash when restrictions are placed on the fan artist. Last year’s Botcon had a major uproar when Hasbro made it so only a select few artist in the Artist Alleyway were allowed to sell their pieces. Everyone else was told you can show off but you cannot sell any of your material. This lasted all of about three days. Though they have stood firm on the selling of Third Party Products on the show floor, which is understandable as they have zero connection to the brand.

      With Equestria Girls being a special for MLP 30th anniversary, I see a MAJOR set back. For something this big, a fan of the franchise would hope for a movie/special that was straight up pony, maybe have an ordeal in which the G1 inspired characters meet their G4 counterparts and have some sort of adventure involving one of the villains. Using the anniversary to push a product that is “anthro” pony seems to be a slap in the face of all MLP fans. This would be if for Transformers 30 year anniversary (which is going on right now), they would revive the Action Master line (Transformers that did not transform) and push that as the next incarnation. Instead, they have a line of figures that will be dedicated to it and a fan poll that will create a new character for the IDW universe and create a toy to coincide with it.

      • Mirage

        In regards to the cease and desists, that’s pretty much what I thought it amounted to at most. Nothing unexpected really, but yeah, I do think they could have made a better decision for the 30th anniversary, but they probably wanted to take a risk and expand their toy market to “human” dolls.

        All things considered, I still find it silly to assume Hasbro is intentionally trying to drive Bronies away.

  • Debra “Bee-chan”

    You know what, I’m going to be optimistic about, “Equestria Girls”. Something animated and targeted at gals on the big screen again? I’m for it. We haven’t had a animated girls movie in YEARS on the big screen, but there have been TONS for guys and stuff for both guys and girls, so why not something just for the gals again?

    And to clarify things:

    According to the character designs, the girls AREN’T humans. And they aren’t kemonomimi ( which are human-like characters that have animal features. Think catgirls. ). These versions of the Mane 6 are anthro’s, in the furry sense. So those people who are freaking that the girls are no longer ponies, technically, you are wrong. They may no longer be four legged and have hooves, but they are still ponies.

    Hasbro has been trying to stick to their target demographic even since before the whole brony thing. Those of us from the original community have been dealing with that for a loooong time. Hasbro said even back then while they acknowledge the adult fans, they will always keep little girls as their main target for the My Little Pony line. Because there will always be little girls, and their parents and family members out there whole will buy their girls ponies. My parents did it with me, I do it with my niece. Hasbro has to do what’s good for the business in the long run, not just in the short run, and as much as I love bronies, let’s face it, bronies are part of the short run.

  • Everyone just needs to get a grip. People have told me that they are so angry about Equestria Girls that they have stopped watching MLP all together. It’s ridiculous.

    • Ian Ballinger

      That is rather ridiculous. It hasn’t ruined the quality of the show YET… I’m just saying this MIGHT be a possibility.

      • jakowako

        do you really think that hasbro is trying to get bronies away from my little pony

        • Ian Ballinger

          Oh… I think it’s a possibility. I honestly do not know what to think of Hasbro at this point, as I said in the article. The events that have happened since I became a brony just lead me to believe that Hasbro isn’t to fond of us. I hope I’m wrong.

          • jakowako

            i agree

  • Battra

    I’ll give it a try like I did Ponies if I enjoy it I’ll watch it, if not well I still have s4 to look forward too. I just can’t get mad at Equestrian Girls if Hasbro wants to make money let them they own MLP they can do what they like with their property.

  • Anonymous

    I really, REALLY want to be optimistic. I really do.

    But LOOK AT THOSE DESIGNS MY GOD. They should be stuck on some mid-nineties trapper keeper.

    Plus the premise is enough to have your average canon purist commit suicide. Just because some fans draw up fan art and stuff like this doesn’t mean everyone else wants it to actually be real.

    I don’t know. I guess I’ll wait for some reviews and then formulate a better outlook on what to do. With something like this, it’s all about how it’s executed and presented. It can either be pretty good, or an awful train wreck.

    I’m just glad that it’s only a stand-alone release and not (hopefully) tied to the show.

  • Ian, I’m with you in giving Equestria Girls a chance, especially once we get a clearer picture on the folks doing the writing. I don’t object to turning the ponies into humans, I’m more concerned Hasbro isn’t going to do anything interesting with the EG idea, so that it doesn’t feel derivative of other high school teen girl shows.

    I have one minor quibble. You mentioned you didn’t like the idea of “anthropomorphizing” the FiM characters. I’d guess the FiM characters, as talking ponies, are already human-like in some way. I’ve always thought of the Mane Six as humans with pony bodies, which is why we relate to them so well. One way to look at Equestria Girls is that it reverses the human-pony hybridization, giving the characters a more human-like appearance. Debra above mentioned the ponies turning into “anthros/furries,” which is another way of putting it.

    Of course, we probably don’t even disagree, it’s just that I would’ve phrased the EG anthropomorphism differently.

  • Dogman15

    Did Daniel Ingram ever actually say he was doing music for Equestria Girls? If I remember correctly, he only said that the music was “off the hook”, or good. He never said specifically that he was doing music for it.

  • jakowako

    yo is equestria girls gonna be a movie or a show?

    • Anonymous

      DVD release with a small theatrical run on weekends.

  • Adam

    I’m keeping an open mind about it, who knows, it may not be as bad as it sounds.


    Okay, I’m confused. Why do people seem to want to think of the WORST possible thing that can happen instead of the thing that is PROBABLY going to happen?

    This is a quickly-hashed-out animated movie. Meaning, probably, a straight-to-DVD release. (Yes, I HAVE heard about there being a listing for it in theaters on the USA Today website. If one reads closer, one would realize that there are no planned listings for it anywhere in any theater, so it could very well be some kind of mistake.) And yes, my money is on the prediction that it is going to suck. See, here’s the thing. If thinks SUCK, people don’t like them. Which, in all probability, would mean that Hasbro sells like 90% of the copies to Redbox, and it joins the ranks of such family classics as “Stanley the Stinkbug Goes to Camp”.

    Tl;dr I honestly see no reason to even care.

    • Ian Ballinger

      This was just one out of many scenarios I could see happening… doesn’t mean I WANT it to happen.

      • IMLXH

        Then why do you seem to think that it’s the one that’s going to? Saying that “this MIGHT happen” is hardly ever a good base for an argument. Hell, for all we know Hasbro MIGHT cancel all upcoming seasons of FiM, replace them with Equestria Girls and hire a hit man on Lauren Faust. WILL they? In all honestly, I believe the chances of that are close to zip. But jeez, so many people are seeing Hasbro as some kinda demented corporate monster (that pays attention to the fandom, for some reason). But they’re not. They don’t have some mad scheme to “restore the status quo” or what the hell have you. They’re a corporation, and like most corporations, the only thing the top level understands is money. Now, will EG make a lot of money? Most probably not. And thus I have no reason to believe that it will suffer a fate different than any other crappy kids’ movie.

  • sailoryue

    i have been hoping long and long that this was an elaborate hoax, to be HAHAed on april first… now im begining to see its not. the way they look like ponified humans is… odd, idk ill give it 10 minutes, and only watch it pirated because personally i dont think it will be worth the $7 ticket.

  • Shiek927

    Ultimately, I would find it to be pretty hypocritical that Bronies of all people, would make up their minds about this show before they even see it.

    Am I crazy for the concept at all? No siree…..it’s silly, is what it is: I don’t really have much desire seeing the Mane 6 in a high-school like setting, dating, and….I don’t know, the whole idea just doesn’t seem appealing to me: and yet, I would be an idiot to write something off before I actually see it, and given that so many people gave FiM a shot and acknowledged it’s intelligence and quality despite the targeted demographic, others would be wise to do the same.

    Why is Hasbro doing this? again, I don’t know….it almost sounds like they are targetting teenagers with this sort of concept, which seems weird to me — Teenagers is one demographic that I honestly am not even sure if all that many like MLP, and undoubtedly their are many who do…but, given that age-group and how conscious they are of other people view them, the relative lack of maturity (extremely generalizing, I know)….Early Adults are old enough and mature enough to swallow their pride and admit they like FiM and/or don’t care what other people think of them — teenagers, again I know I”m generalizing…but this isn’t as much the case.

    Why target teens, seemingly, and not instead, make a show strictly for Bronies? Something that is somewhat more darker and mature in tone, that would be deemed too unsuitable for FiM? As ever, it’s like the poster said…..why is Hasbro seemingly so adamant to fight the Brony community instead of acknowledging them as the dominant force behind FiM? I understand still developing the show with little girls in mind, but fans aren’t upset for no reason when it seems like Hasbro is fighting them every step of the way, when they could have a veritable cash-cow if they played their cards right.

    But no…..some have argued that Twilicorn is Hasbro’s slap to the Brony community, and I’ve seen articulate reasons for that….or the Derpy debacle — honestly, it’s a shame, but ultimately Hasbro is resolute….their image as a Parent company is their own Achilles heel: rather then acknowledging and working with the Brony community, they’d rather pretend we don’t exist and/or view as foreign aliens that are embarrassing and corrupting what should have just been a simple little cartoon for little girls — they can’t acknowledge the wonder of their own show and how much it’s affected so many people in a positive way, so they would rather fight back against this success for their own detriment.

    They gave into the half a dozen who reflexively complained about Derpy in spite of the many more who defended and practically *created* her….but they didn’t know, or care, about any of this because they don’t acknowledge our existence — it’s the writing staff and studio team that make the shout-outs to the fandom and things that, undeniably, try to get past Hasbro’s radar: some people say that Hasbro deserves credit for the things they “let us” get away with, but why do we need to “get away” with anything at all? Why is Hasbro at war with it’s own audience?

    Simply put, because they don’t acknowledge us as part of the audience at all — It doesn’t matter how passionate, creative, or loud we are….we are something, at best, ignored, and worst, fought against. They would rather try to squeeze in as many little girls into their theater, as much as they can, then simply let in the thousands of adults who would drown them out without even trying.

    I don’t want to rant against Hasbro because ultimately, without their endorsement and sponsorship, we wouldn’t have MLP:FiM…..and yet, the sad realization I feel after all the time I’ve been in the Brony community….is that they are, in many ways, a giant representation of everything the community has tried to fight *against* – antiquated stereotypes that cannot stand and permit something that goes beyond the status-quo. They could work with the community, but they’d rather fight….they could acknowledge the unexpected response to their own show, but they’d rather ignore it….they could make a ton of money if they play their cards right, but they won’t even entertain the idea because doing so means acknowledging icky grown-ups and perverts who aren’t supposed to like cartoons anymore.

    They would rather focus on the handful of little girls who, apparently, watch and enjoy the show, then the sea of adults who arguably care more for the show then they do…perhaps that’s why they fight us so much.

    • Ian Ballinger

      very good points. as i said, i’ll give Equestria Girls a chance, I just don’t expect much from it… when I first heard of MLP it was love at first sight for me. There was some doubts, but it didn’t turn me away.

    • Sm44

      The thing is though, Hasbro IS NOT fighting anyone, they DO acknowledge the fan base, but as you said we are not the core demographic. Hasbro isn’t trying to fight or get rid of anything, they are a company, they care about $$$ we give them $$$ as long as we do that, there is not problem. As for the C&D’s they have to protect their property, this has been discussed before, so…yeah.

      Hasbro doesn’t hate bronies any more then they hate Transformers or G.I.Joe fans, Hasbro may not be perfect, but they aren’t the monsters some make them out to be, they just want $$$ like any other company, as long as we give them that, they could care less if were bronies, kids, parents, or space aliens.

      • Shiek927

        I wasn’t trying to make Hasbro out as monsters, and I can understand how my post can come out as whining – I said it myself that, without their endorsement and support, we wouldn’t have the show in the first place.

        I’m aware my post can be seen as another typical jab at the “big bad corporation who only cares about money”….indeed, like the people who emotionally and reflexively complained about Derpy without thinking through what they are doing, perhaps my argument is irrational and emotional: nevertheless, the acknowledgement that we are not the core demographic, that their focus is money and protecting their interests….It all just seems tragic to me — perhaps It’s normal and I need to get over it….but it still just feels wrong to me whenever I see a C&D, or something that could be because Hasbro seemingly just wants to make Toys.

  • Sm44

    I think people are being silly, if Hasbro wanted to get rid of bronies they wouldn’t allow other companies to make so much merch for us. Equestria Girls is just their way of branching out and trying to get some of the Bratz/Monster High $$$ away from Mattell, simple as that, people who think anything else are foals.

    And the cartoon has ALWAYS been for children, its just been written in a way thats enjoyable to teens & adults as well.

    And hell if anyhting its the opposite, Equestria Girls will be the show that appeals more to little kids & tween girls and MLP:FIM will continue to appeal to all-ages & genders.

    Hasbro likes the $$$ that Pony has made them the past 2 1/2 years now, they don’t want to ruin that, especially with sales for Transformers toys being rather flat recently.

    • Ian Ballinger

      that’s a distinct possibility. THIS is also a possibility.

  • Ruby-Hooves

    I’m not giving the show one second of my time. It’s an obvious cash in on a popular franchise just like any other company is doing. Just take a look at the gaming industry. Capcom for instace makes Resident Evil, a game series that was great up to part 3. After the succes of the game series they just started churning out games left and right loosing a bit of the charm each time. Now we have a Call of Duty rip-off that has nothing to do with survival horror.

    The fact that Lauren was let go by the company, and did not quit of her own accord is an abvious indication that she had plans that clashed with corporate. Before you write this of as conspiracy theorist nonsense, think about this. If she was done with the show, why would she still be active in its community, reach out to companies to help them create characters, and do much more. The answer is simple: she wasn’t ready to leave, but corporate wanted the show to make more money so fires Lauren. I regard MLP:FiM to be canon up to the royal wedding where they fuck up the show royaly.

    • IMLXH

      Except you’re forgetting one thing. Lauren herself said that she left of her own accord because the project was taking up way too much of her time and she wanted to work on other things. You know, now that she doesn’t work for Hasbro, if what you said is the case she could have just admitted that to the world. But no, she still says that she quit of her own will. Why would she be lying?


      • Ruby-Hooves

        Would you be able to get any other job in a studio if you put your previous one in negative light? Especially with such a high profile one? Besides if it was taking up so much time, why is she still investing time in the community and fan projects.

        When it comes to companies I can’t help but think in the most negative way about them, they are there to make money after all. And if one component of that company doesn’t maximize to fill their wallet they just get rid of it.

        Probably what happened is that Lauren was fed up with the higher ups who just force fed her to incorporate bad content like: changing one of the main characters in such a way there is no way back. Or adding another godly creature into the world which you’ve been working on for a couple of years.

        • IMLXH

          I like how you think Twilight’s coronation is bad despite us having barely seen anything of what would come of it. I kinda wanna know your reasoning behind this. Is it bad to you because it’s different than what Lauren had in mind? If so, you probably “should” have hated the show from the start, considering Lauren wanted Celestia to be a queen and not a princess, or the plot of “A Bird in the Hoof” to have taken a darker turn. Look, “different” does not mean “bad”. I don’t see how it’s bad that Cadance has a horn and wings and I’m fairly certain that the reason why people don’t like Twilight being an alicorn is mostly based on the bad taste that so many terrible OCs left in their mouths.

          Look if you wanna give up on the show and make up your own version that’s fine I guess, but if that’s what you want then why are you still hanging around on websites focused upon a show that you no longer care about?

          • I recall that Lauren Faust’s story arc had Twilight eventually replacing Princess Celestia. Twilight’s transformation in the afterlife/limbo (or whatever it was) after messing with a half-baked spell in Magical Mystery Cure, wasn’t handled very well, but it is consistent with Twilight leveling up to a position where she could take over Princess Celestia’s job.

          • Ruby-Hooves

            It makes no sense whatsoever, that’s why I don’t like it, and this is not about OC’s I don’t care about those. The second reason being that Twi is immortal, I don’t care what other people say, she just is. (alicorn = alicorn) The third and most damning reason of them all, and I’m going to draw a comparison with what Capcom did recently, have a look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwTu2bpcZ3w If you’re at all familiar with the character Dante you know he has white hair, but in the latest version they completely changed the character and give him black hair. Okay no big deal, I don’t like it but there you go. Capcom found it necassary to include previous linked cutscene into their game, basically giving the fan a big fuck you. Hasbro is guilty of the same, poking fun of people that have the same reservations about similar change to a character they like.

            I’m right there with you when it comes to change, but when the company changes into a big douchebag… well, let’s just say it doesn’t score you points. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about have another link http://www.equestriadaily.com/2013/04/meghan-and-steffama-larsondrews-season.html

          • IMLXH

            >”the company changes into a big douchebag”
            >links to an April Fools’ joke as evidence

            Yeah okay I think we’re done here

          • Ian Ballinger

            Agreed… and I personally like the Alicorn idea… I think the only reason people display distaste to it IS because it’s used to much in fan fictions.

          • Shiek927

            I’ve seen many articulate reasons to like or dislike the Twilicorn changes, but this isn’t really the place for it.

  • Audette

    I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve sensed Hasbro’s crappy disdain and “dampening” for awhile now. Still don’t get it. They’d have done so much better financially with the show had they simply embraced us and played a tad smarter with the public relations. Yes, I realize most of the C and D is legally required,etc. But one can’t help but feel they regard us as an emotionally disturbed relative at the family picnic. The show has somehow lost some of what makes it special to us, it’s hard to define. But I’ll wait, patiently, like Derpy, for things to be okay again. Brony On.

  • Seraphem

    Conspiracy Theory much? EQG is just them trying to complete with Monster High in the tween girl market, and using MLP in a rather pathetic attempt to succeed at it. Slapping a big name brand name on it, despite it having nothing to do with the actual series.

    MLP is the ONLY product line in the entire company targeted at girls that showed an increase in sales last year. Every other toy line dropped, MLP had a 50% increase worldwide. They aren’t going to fuck with success to much. It’s already been made clear this won’t effect the real show, personally I’m just going to wait and see what it’s like before judging the quality, but the intent is clear.

    As to Hasbro “hating” us, yes SOME people at Hasbro do, while some also love us. Hasbro isn’t some giant hive mind, it’s a company with thousands of people running different parts of it. Each with their own opinions, and so far there isn’t any “official” Hasbro policy towards us that’s any different then to any of it’s costumers. Now yeah I do get the impression that their legal department hates us because of all the headaches, but like I said, some loe us some hate us some just don’t care.

    If they wanted to tehy could be much MUCH worse, think Disney levels of control over their IP, crushing anything that even mentions something the sounds similar to something that they might think about possibly having some kind of trademark on at some point. So far the the C&D’s they have sent out have been few, and all things that pretty much they were forced to do. The real issue isn’t Hasbro, it’s the fucking mess that is US Trademark law which forced them to send the C&D or risk losing their trademark. Oh and haven’t seen anything about the C&D plushie makers, the only think like that I’m aware of was the White Dove incident which was blown out of proportion and completely misconstrued, they never told her to stop, they asked her simply to stop advertising on dA, that was it. Not stop making plushies, just stop being so visable about advertising about it.

    Gratned, the one they sent to the Equeatriagirls.com web site WAS utter bullshit, that one was just them being greedy.

    • The commentary that I’ve seen about the cease and desist letters was that they were very _nice_ C&D letters, going to the trouble to explain why there was a C&D action being taken, something that most lawyers don’t bother with. I’d say that for the most part, Hasbro has been very careful to avoid provoking the ire of the geese that are laying the golden eggs. They want to sell us merch, so they have to go through the motions of protecting their trademark, especially when fanworks get too much attention (Fighting is Magic) and/or compete too heavily with distributors (iTunes US). We’re a social media advertizing wet-dream come true, and I think the legal department is handling us with kidgloves.

  • I feel like I am getting trolled.

    The most likely senario is that Hasbro wants a product that can compete with Monster High. Equestria Girls creates a template for figures that are similar to the Monster High dolls and which have a backstory. It’s a low-expenditure gamble on a new product line.

    In the past, adult MLP collectors had little influence on Hasbro. They weren’t very numerous and they were mostly content to buy _the dolls_. Hasbro only had to continue to make variations on the same plastic toys and both the adults and the children were content to buy them all. The only nod to adult fans that I can recall is the blank G3 pony, made to be painted any way you want. Furthermore, adult fans also bought/traded second-hand pony toys. Second-hand toys create _no_ revenue for Hasbro, so if you are collecting second-hand dolls, Hasbro is going to ignore you.

    Bronies are different. Bronies influence Hasbro because we prize the show over the toys, and we buy _new_ merch, not second-hand stuff from decades past. We demand show-accurate merch and merch other than brushable dolls. Bronies are why we can have nice stuff. Because of Bronies, we have stuff like trading cards, video games, quality plushes, jewelery, clothing for adults, comic books and entire seasons with commentary on DVD, now or really soon. We have pushed up sales in the MLP:FIM line by 30 to 50% while most other toy lines are in decline. We shout very loud and Hasbro is listening.

    So what do I think of Equestria Girls? It’s not a 30th anniversary special, it’s an opportunity to branch out and emulate Monster High. I’ll watch it because it is MLP:FIM related, but I don’t expect to like it. And then, you never know ’til you give it a try.

    (Princess Luna is lifting a real nice orange full moon outside my window.)

    • Shiek927

      Hah! I just came from outside, and I noticed the orange moon as well ^^

  • Thresher_2013

    I know the guy that wrote this! :D

    • Ian Ballinger

      oh you… :P

  • Nimble_Hooves

    “We know that it will not affect My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in any way…”

    Has this actually been confirmed? I have heard worrying chatter from other sources (yes, it is heresay, but plausible once you know the motivation) that the movie was intended to be a one-way ticket to take the Mane 6 into the Equestria Girls franchise. MLP:FiM was to still carry on in some form, but without the Mane 6 (presumably with a focus instead around the CMC).

    It initially sounds somewhat far fetched, but there reason is simple: IP. Hasbro’s decision early on to not C&D fan works really helped boost the popularity of the show, which is great for their marketing droids, but it comes at the cost of diluting their trademarks.

    Unlike copyright, Hasbro cannot choose to ignore trademark violations. It is bound by law to defend the trademarks or it loses them. This is why more of the Mane 6 didn’t have names from the original 80s series – Hasbro didn’t maintain the trademarks for them. My guess is that their legal team have been jumping up and down about this for some time now. This is probably why we have seen an increase in C&Ds from Hasbro recently. C&Ds are unpopular with the community, and Hasbro are not terribly keen on alienating a large chunk of their customer base, so they have to find a better way….

    Cue: Equestria Girls.

    Take all the things that Hasbro think makes MLP:FiM popular with the fans and roll it into a brand new series that they control all of the interllectual property for: they win, and the fans win (in Hasbro’s eyes).

    What Hasbro underestimated was the Brony community. It is undeniable that there has been a backlash against Equestria Girls in the Brony community. I’d say Hasbro have been thrown into damage control mode, which would explain why information about the show is so limited and confusing. I guess we won’t know until Equestria Girls graces our screens.

    Personally, I will watch it, just to see what Hasbro actually does. I don’t hold up much hope: I don’t like the premise and I think the character designs are awful.

    • Shiek927

      Here’s my question – assuming what you say is true, what is it about EQG that makes Hasbro think we’ll like it? What does it have that makes them think it has all the right ingredients for success?

      I suppose we’ll never really know until we see the show for ourselves: thus far, it just seems to be what the poster said (that it’s something truly meant for the target audience)….perhaps it’s just a look and part of the plan, but as before, I guess we’ll see when it airs.

      • Nimble_Hooves

        Habro has undoubtedly comissioned marketing studies that tell it what about MLP:FiM appeals to differing segments of their target audiences. Some may like songs, other may like brightly coloured characters, others may like the stories. Unfortunately, the Brony community is really an anomaly to the marketing droids. To them we don’t really fit into any of the checkboxes they have. I am curious as to how much of their market the Brony community represents. We are quite visible, but do we actually buy enough of their products to make a dent in their marketing figures?

    • Anonymous

      If this was seriously going to affect FIM, there would be a shit ton more press and advertisement over this.
      All we have ever officially heard about EG was the announcement and now the synopsis. Nothing else.

      • Nimble_Hooves

        Why do you think there’d be more press over this? Given the response the Brony community has already had, why would Hasbro release more information? If what I heard was true (and I did preface my last comment by stating it was heresay), then Hasbro really have two options here:

        1) Proceed as planned, knowing they risk alienating a large chunk of the fandom. After all, Hasbro have target audiences that don’t include Bronies. MLP:FiM was never targetted at Bronies as a primary audience.
        2) Go in to damage control. Make changes to the movie/series while it is still in production that mean Equestria Girls is no longer a one-way ticket for the Mane 6. Equestria Girls just becomes a completely separate spinoff. This means rewrites, overtime, and renegotiating contracts for staff to work on both shows (instead of one or the other). Are Bronies really worth that much to Hasbro? More than their target audiences?

        Given that Hasbro are making an Equestria Girls movie, and not a MLP:FiM movie really speaks volumes about what they are trying to do here.

        • Anonymous

          >Why do you think there’d be more press over this?
          It’s fucking Hasbro. If they want their stuff to sell they’d bring it more into the light. Some ads on The Hub or press releases or some god damn thing. Anything besides the scraps that are out there now.

          Also, while they acknowledge us older fans, I seriously doubt that they would market something directly to us in relation to MLP. It goes against their brand protection.

          EG is not for us, mark my words. If it somehow is, shoot me in the face and ship my corpse to the moon because there’s no way that something that looks like THAT is supposed to be for a fan base like us.

        • Shiek927

          I have a feeling they are going with Number 1 – Hasbro is not in love with the Brony community….I wouldn’t say they are monsters, like my giant post above may have implied, but that we are simply not something to lose sleep over: they recognize and want to appeal to us in their own ways, but we were never their target audience, and they certainly are not going to change their plans because of us — it can seem tragic considering we dwarf the target audience, and the sort of passion/creativity/fun we create…but again, as much as they may encourage us in some ways, they aren’t going to lose any sleep over us.

          Ultimately, they are a business, and all that it implies – I’m certain that some within the company love or hate us, but they are a group of people trying to protect their own interests, and I doubt they’d go too far out their way for our sake. It can seem sad and unemotional, especially when things like C&D letters happen, and you’d wish they appeal and work more with the Brony community, as I expressed….but they don’t do these things to be belligerent, but that we aren’t the only ones they think on, nevermind the primary.

  • Changeling101

    When it said possibly no more fight scenes, witty remarks, I went as pale as Fluttershy in the grasping hooves of Queen Chrysalis. MLPFIM wont be fun anymore without the creepy evilness and everything that makes it awesome. I am a girl, not a brony, but its not like Im 10 years old. Im graduated soon, and still addicted! Whwn I saw Equestria Girls, I was like, please be a rumor. But whats scary, is the fact that I did not like the Princess Twilight crap. They are gonna make MLPFIM all fashion, princess, and lets have a tea party crap instead of what its supposed to be. Okay look, its My Little PONY, not My Little BRAT. The whole showis supposed to be ponies. The spin off makes no sense! They arent meant to be humans. Honestly, I’d give it more of a chance if they actually had normal skin and no ears. I mean rly, the other people in the school can tell if they are not real humans ya know! The worst thing about season 4 is that Luna will not be in there bcuz of low sales? I have two or three sizes and versions of Luna! And as rumors seem to be coming true with MLP (remember the Twilight alicorn rumor?) I freaked out with the picture of a PINK Luna, like they are gonna change her! Hopefully thats Equestria Girls and not FIM. Good news tho, is Trixie might be added to the main six (er…well..main seven) and I dont mind that. That should make bronies and us ponies happy anyway. But this Equestria Girls junk, please fail… :/

  • Changeling101

    Another thing that is s***, is the fact we get this before a normal MLPFIM movie. Like, how about instead you release a The Return of the Changelings or something. Or the Return of the Crystal Empire? Just SOMETHING… Or maybe just not even bother. Cause they’d probably do Twilight’s wedding to Big Macintosh or something rly crappy. I hope I didnt do damage in just merely mentioned such a horror story….



  • Kalo

    If anything, I’m most annoyed that the designs are a blatant, and crappy, answer to Mattel’s Monster High. I totally agree with DJ Calcos’ opinion that EqG looks like it’s ready to take girls’ programming back to the dark ages. All that shallow boy chasing nonsense is exactly what Faust was trying to surpass for years pitching show after show and finally putting all the “good girly” into FiM. However, I disagree with the article’s author that FiM is going to “the little girls”. I think they’re making Equestria Girls for little girls, and I think they’ve surrendered FiM to the brony fandom (at least if they have an inkling of sense). I wouldn’t know though, to be honest as I’m on the outskirts of this particular fandom. Though, the author is absolutely right that Hasbro is diabolical and I wouldn’t put it past them to take both shows down the drain.

  • James McGee

    I agree Equestria Girl is a stupid shot at getting money, while the story might be 3 stars out of 5. You do not really care about the movies because the characters look like humans, it would of been better just to make the portal lead to a evil universe of equestria instead where Celestia trys to take over Equestria instead of king somba(?)

  • James McGee

    My Little Pony is not only for the brony fandom though.

  • James McGee

    There is really no reason for it though

  • James McGee

    Hasbro wants to still try there version of MLP <_<

  • Matthew Miguel Maisonet

    I Think There Put In “Fighting Is Magic”.

  • Stormie

    my least favorite movie by far has to be Legend of the Everfree the newest movie. I think that if they are going to make a new movie, at least have the real Twilight in it. This new Twilight is taking over the original Twilight and to me that’s not fair.