Pinkie Pie Fly By, My Little Pony
by *andypriceart

Starting on Sunday there will be several items up for Auction from Andy Price and the IDW MLP:FiM Comic Book, such as the four leaked pages we saw a month or so ago in their original form. Information from Mr. Price’s Deviant Art journal entry.

I’ve had numerous questions about selling the original pages for MLP:FIM. This is to let you know that the 4 pages that have already been previewed from the first issue will be going up on Ebay starting Sunday night, and going for a 10 day auction. We will also be listing a few smaller sketches, possibly some prints, so there will be various goodies to choose from!

If you have purchase inquiries, please let me know! The rest of the pages and the 6 original covers will be going on sale after the release of the book!

We’ll have a listing post done up Sunday when they are revealed.

[Source: EqMegaThreads]