Derpy and the Ladybug by *da-andi

The following article was posted as a clip from TV Guide, and contains a general synopsis for the season finale of FiM. At this time this is 100% unconfirmed and possibly could be a trolling attempt. Thankfully I know my readers have either brushed it, but I guess some people are “up in arms” about it. Just in case this does turn out fact, we’ll continue the article past the page break.

This has been confirmed to be 100% real, appearing in the March 12-18 edition of TV Guide. We posted a new article on it here.

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“Paris is no more. The legendary city of lights has been extinguished forever as a massive…” – Kent Brockman

It seems the now long running RainbowDash Network is shutting down. Appearing today in the top right corner is notice from site owner Cabal on the termination of the site and an alternative location for its users to relocate to (

This is due to the withdraw of community member Purple Tinker who had a major part in the RDN operations. She has recently been involved in controversy involving the internal operations of Bronycon and has decided to leave the fandom for good. Along with RDN, it has been noted that PT did deactivate her Deviantart account. (And then suddenly its all back on again). We will have more about the Bronycon issues later this week.

Update: It seems that Purple Tinker was unaware of the shutdown, as this was mostly Cabal’s choice. According to their accounts on RDN (namely Cabal), he is in talk with PT about the future of the site. From the sounds of it, its a money issue.

Cabal via RDN: Okay, everypony. @purpletinker and I are currently discussing the future of the site. As far as I know we are not going down at this time. Remain calm. This is practically a cornorstone of the fandom that needs not shutdown, but new leadership (ie, has money to blow).

Seems a deal will be striked and the RD network will live on. As for a few comments that I was misinformed, I got the screencaps to prove it. End of rine.

Slow news days are slow. So have the latest And Thats How Equestria Was Made. If you didn’t catch it in the last episode, Fluttershy used her wing like a hand. Later today we’ll probably have another Mailbag, as we’ve accumulated a fair share of submission posts over the past week.

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Hey kids, remember that cool channel that use to show fun animated shows and not a crap sandwich they spent all their money on and had to kill off a ton of indie projects? Well it seems they did a bump on the whole Derpy Drama, negative of course. Should be noted that they let random people make these, so it might have been a fan submission they found funny, but god knows (and who cares). Remember to tune in tonight for the same five episodes of King of the Hill and Family Guy on [AS]. (And if you actually get mad at this bump, you might need therapy).

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TF2 Pony Map Making Contest!

Pony Fortress 2 is running a contest to create some functional pony related TF2 maps, and steam prizes are up for grabs! The goal is to create a pony related TF2 map that plays well and fits the theme of TF2. Steam prizes will be awarded to the top three submitters. The prizes are as follows:
1st Place – Any steam games or TF2 cash shop items up to a total of $100
2nd Place – Any steam games or TF2 cash shop items up to a total of $60
3rd Place – Any steam games or TF2 cash shop items up to a total of $30

You can find more information, including submission rules and details on the contest by going to !

Submitted to us by its creator NameTaken33, the Orbital Friendship Stream is an Android Phone App that’s aiming to be a one stop shop for MLP on the go. Simple design with nice icon usage, it will feature sections for watching ponies (via stream), listen to the radio stations, and of course news feeds. Right now the only part ‘open’ are the streams, but the app is still in beta construction more or less.

Works fine on my Samsung Infuse Galaxy, the only issue I found was the screen rotation, the icons overlap and the picture of the Mane 6 at the bottom becomes squished.

You can find the app here at Android Market.

Development thread is over in the Reddit community, here.


Idea Image is the Japanese partner of the Lego Group. They work with Lego to produce community supported sets. If an idea submitted to the website gains 10,000 supporters, it stands a chance of being producded as a Lego Product.

Currently on Cuusoo, a person by the name of Addam has a MLP concept going over there, picture above shows one idea. I’ve included the pictures from the page (found here) which includes Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Big Macintosh. Its not a bad idea. I am not a person who owns a ton of merchandise (actually, all I own is a set of Derpy stamps that I framed), and if they actually made a Derpy Hooves figure, obviously I would buy it.

The down side of this of course is, MLP is Hasbro’s property, and Lego isn’t owned by Hasbro (yet…). But on the up side, Hasbro has recently re-entered the ‘building block’ toy market. It had a series that ran for about 5 years until 2005, but in the past year they have re-entered with the KRE-o line. Currently the Kre-o line is producing Transformers construction kits, but the one thing I did read is that Kre-o is designed to work with Legos. So in one hand you have tension between two toy companies since Hasbro is kind of stepping into their market, but on the other hand its a chance for both companies to get friendly, and maybe do some business.

At the time of this writing, the project has 545 votes for support. Feel free to drop by the page, take a look at the notes and what Addam has, and give’em a vote.

[Source: The Pirate John Roberts]

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