Panels and Interviews with Writers and Storyboarders

[LPU LS] The Writer's Room Panel by AssasinMonkey

[LPU LS] The Writer’s Room Panel by AssasinMonkey

The writers and storyboarders are among the people who have the greatest influence on the plot of the episodes. Oblivious of the fate that was to befall them on Sunday, they presented a thrilling panel that, for me, was already one of the highlights of Las Pegasus Unicon.

Once more interview or panel recordings are uploaded, we’ll add them here, so check back from time to time. I’ll also try to remember to tweet updates as @Telofy.

Let me also use this opportunity to remind you again of DerpySquad’s LasPegAssist megapost. If you are in financial trouble due to the mismanagement of the convention, please head to and fill in the request form today. If you want to help those in need, join the auctions.
M.A. Larson, Meghan McCarthy, Amy Keating Rogers and Cindy Morrow take the stage!

The cornerstone of this post is of course the writer’s panel, “The Writer’s Room: Breaking a Story with the Writers of MLP:FiM.” CouchCrusader of Equestria Daily has written a live summary of it. He says that some parts were hard to hear from the skybox, so please excuse any errors, and if in doubt, please check the recording.
M.A. Larson, Amy Keating Rogers, Meghan McCarthy and Cindy Morrow team up with Brenda Crichlow, Gary Chalk, Andrew Francis, Michael Daingerfield and Maryke Hendrikse to take you through the process from script to screen.

EFN calls this one the “Script To Screen Panel,” which is reminiscent of “From Page to Personality” from the original schedule. Since the panelists are also the same, I will assume that at least in regard to panels, this post is now complete. There may be more surprise interviews, however. See this post for CouchCrusader’s summary.
EQI Interviews Amy Keating Rogers!

Everfree Network also published the above interview of the Equestria Inquirer with Amy Keating Rogers.

This is a short interview I did with M. A. Larson, writer of the season three finally (Princess Alicorn Twilight) episode. Also yes there will be a season four of MLP : FiM. This was my footage from Las Pegasus Unicon. I hope you enjoy it. Also Omni. I do have your “Amplifier” performance footage if you want that uploaded.
EQI Interviews storyboard artist, Sabrina “Sibsy” Alberghetti!
EQI Interviews writer, Cindy Morrow!

The team from Ponyville Live! had the distinct privilege of taking a moment, amidst the chaos that was Las Pegasus Unicon in Las Vegas NV, to sit down and chat with always-pleasant show writer Amy Keating Rogers.

Join us at for more interviews just like this one, along with 24/7 pony radio stations, video streams, podcasts, artist profiles, and more!

This week, the Crusaders do what they thought was impossible: interview Sibsy! That’s right, somehow these foals have hit the big time, and they hope you enjoy their chat with one of the show staff’s more notable personalities!

We had not yet posted this interview with Sibsy by the Cutie Art Crusaders, so although it is not from Unicon, I’m adding it to this post as it fits in well thematically. Send her some get well wishes on Twitter. (Bear in mind that if you read this in a week, she’ll probably have recovered.)

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