411 – “Pinkie Pride”

Written by Amy Keating Rogers
“Pinkie Pie must defend her status as a party pony when a mysterious visitor comes to town and plans a party for Rainbow Dash.”
DN Rating: TBA
Next Episode: 413 – Simple Ways (02/08/2014)

If you missed the news yesterday, the episode was leaked via Google Play on Friday morning.  The accident is due to the fact that last week’s episode and today’s episode switched places.  While “Pinkie Pride” is episode 412 on airing order, production order it was 411.  The episodes were switched in part so hype could be built around the Weird Al episode, and probably to space out Pinkie related episodes (since we just had Pinkie Apple Pie).  Either way if you don’t want to wait for the actual airing, feel free to take part in some Daily Motion 480 below.  Otherwise see you at 10:30.


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