Polish Pony Subtitles, MLPMMO Update, EqD hits 3 Million, Derpy Forums

[Edit]: I’ve ran into plenty of people who have assumed Derpy Hooves News started on 4/20/11, due to the fact that in our archives this is our first news post. This note is to say that this is not true, as Derpy Hooves News (originally just www.DerpyHooves.com) was started on December 17th, 2010. When the page first started it was nothing more than just regular HTML, including our news feed which we manually updated. We still have the files to the old news feed and at some point we will link them here on this article. On 4/20/11 we changed the site and replaced our manual html news feed with a Google Blogger account. We operated like that until 1/1/12 when we converted the entire site over to WordPress.

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Slow news day is slow, but that’s how the muffin crumbles, generally I find it good as it allows the stuff from the previous day to linger around and be read. So here is today’s news in one post.

Polish Subtitle Ponies: If you happen to be polish and sick of listening to your ponies speaking in crazy english, well there’s a group over on YouTube slowly subtitling the episodes.

Check out ObsessionOctopus‘s channel on YouTube, currently they have the first five episodes complete. Specifically hit up the playlist, as ObessionOctopus does have other videos floating around.

MLPMMO Update: The 2d MMO has updated and even released a sprite test where you can fly around Fluttershy’s house. As always I’ll be sending you over to EquestriaGaming for the full writeup by StrawberrySpice.

EquestriaDaily Hits 3 Million Pageviews: A big congratz to Seth and EqD as they just rolled over 3 million pageviews, this celebration’s theme is Equestria Luna, because all good ponies deserve friends. And as it was talked about in the comment section, this fandom has grown by leaps and bounds, seems March was a banner month for everyone. Even here I see our pageviews flipping over faster and faster.

Derpy Forums: This really isn’t news but I decided to put the Derpy Forums back online, just because its sitting around and there has been a few people using it in private. I don’t expect too much activity, even when it first hit the interwebs it was very unused, but of course there are plenty of other great forums out there like like the MLP Forums, Ponygoons, Equestria Forums and even EquestriaGaming’s forums. The Forum is found at www.derpyhooves.com/forums and does include the old posts, most dated December (and it went down first week of March, just to point how slow it was).

Also a side note, you’ll see there’s now a “Contest Board” on the right hand side, figured it helps keep the contests in exposure when we got a few, which we do right now.
You’ll also notice there’s an RSS feed for the blog, now linked on the left side with the twitter button. We also have twitter if you haven’t noticed, if you’re one with twitter and come here for the episode postings on Friday, I would definitely follow that feed, as I’ll be posting updates.
That’s all for now folks, enjoy.

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