Ponies in Puppies

My Little Puppy by simondrawsstuff

Just something interesting to note, this scene from the finale of season 1 of Pound Puppies uses an instrumental of a familiar song from MLP. No real surprise as both shows are DHX productions with Daniel Ingram as a composer. Although apparently this aired about three months before it aired on Friendship is Magic. Video after the jump.

Thanks Jace!

Pound Puppies – Love is in Bloom BGM

  • Aponymous

    iMDB also lists (not sure but think it’s listed for both episodes of both shows) the CMC’s theme song (from s1e18,won best comedy act which I guess is the same as a Equestria Grammy?) heard in the background of Pound Puppies season 1 ep 23 – Olaf in Love (I think a couple of seconds of it blaring as he drives off in his car or something)

    Oh and is it just me or does the dog in the new LPT series look quite similar to one in that pictured above (top-middle)