Tomorrow, starting at 12pm Pacific Standard Time, Ponies Live Now will be hosting a 24 hour NES/SNES gaming marathon to raise money for the Humble Indie Bundle. They will also have a lot of really great prize giveaways, over $300 dollars worth, in fact.

There will also be a lot of great folks from all over the place showing up throughout the stream… including me!

After the break I embedded the promotional video and you can see the full details on the google doc – New link


  • Anonymous

    I don’t like Humble Brony Bundle. I really dislike how 10 % goes to the people behind it, and giving video games to children is a terrible cause that should not get 30 %.

    It causes giving competition between bronies, so the good causes may end up with more money than without it, but I don’t like how this is the leading bundle when so much of the money disappear into nothing. The 10 % is the worst part, in my opinion. At least, the other causes are subjective, so splitting evenly may be the best way to solve this.