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Erin Burnett’s OC — Click Image for Article

In what is probably one of the most accurate reports in the mainstream media about the pony phenomenon, CNN’s segment OutFront with Erin Burnett covered a short history of how long it’s been since the last My Little Pony cartoon (1987), with most of the segment covering the new show and the men who like it.

Check out the video (and a transcript for those with 56K connections) here.


  • Anonymous

    Well everything else aside, it’s nice to at least see a light hearted piece on the matter that doesn’t have an agenda.

  • Anonymous

    Does it matter?
    I still have to wonder why they decided to turn a little girls show into a social justice movement with no goal.
    Everything they try to do is for attention to try and show they aren’t just men watching a little girl’s cartoon.

    • Anonymous

      Nowhere in the video did they say that this was a, “social justice movement.”

      All they basically did was point out that there were guys who happened to like this show, and recently had a con of it.

      • Anonymous

        He’s not talking specifically about this video, but how bronies often call it more than a fandom and go as far as calling it the “brony movement”.

    • PoniesIsAwesome

      If you’re going to be paranoid whiner, you should probably actually watch the video first, before you make up bizarre things that they didn’t say anywhere in it, and insert your negativity and paranoid delusions into a positive news story.

      I swear, it’s depressing having to see people like you putting down and insulting positive news stories about people that cast us in a good light for once.

      You and your attitude makes us all look far worse than even the most negative news story ever could.

  • Anonymous

    This is just another disappointing news story about bronies.

    • PoniesIsAwesome

      If you’re going to say something stupid, WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST.

      How in the hell is this “disappointing?”

      It’s EXTREMELY positive.

      Or did you completely MISS the part where she said that they complete supported and understood the fandom, and how important it was to appreciate people of different tastes like Bronies.

      You SHOULD be incredibly thankful, and happy that a news outlet ran such a heartwarming positive, well researched, and fair story, casting the fandom in a much better light than anyone else in the news media has up to this point.

      I swear, some of you people are so whiny and ungrateful for good things and positive messages from people outside the fandom that LIKE us. I thought we were supposed to be better than dismal, negative people like you.