PONIES The Anthology II Premier

Premiering right now at Bronycon (supposedly) is the widely anticipated PONIES The Anthology II, the sequel to the original Pony hit mashup video, PONIES The Anthology.
With the first thrown together in May of 2011 by 9 video artists, the sequel has grown to over 30 anthologists and is over an hour long! Below is a word from the original Project Coordinator. Video behind the break.

Hi folks!

Dr.Dinosaur here, PONIES: The Anthology II is finally done! Over 30 very talented people worked for months to complete this project. Seven out of the eight original anthologists are back, with several new names being added to the roster. Shiropoint, mmmandarinorange, adecoy95, jHaller, BronyVids and more have all contributed their talents! In the beginning we never expected PONIES: The Anthology II to reach the size that it did. When everything was put together, trimmed, moved, and finalized, the project ended up having a running time of 82 minutes! We sincerely hope you enjoy all the hard work that went into it!

Additionally, The creators of PONIES: The Anthology II are extremely proud to announce that we will be hosting a charity drive! The second Anthology has a great deal of custom artwork. Starting shortly after Bronycon, we will be making posters and T-shirts out of the artwork to sell, with %100 of the profits going towards The Cancer Research Institute (http://www.cancerresearch.org) This charity was created to honour Magnus, a fellow anthologist that passed away during production.

Please visit our tumbler to see more details, check out our merchandise, and make a donation!


– Dr.Dinosaur

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