Pony Yule Log on The Hub

Here’s something enigmatic for you! TV Guide reports that The Hub is gearing up to broadcast a full four hours of a log burning. More specifically, they’re joining in the tradition of the TV yule log by allowing us to watch Pinkie Pie’s fireplace, but that’s already where the specificity ends. At one point Rainbow Dash will fly through—the rest is a great mystery!

Starting at 6 a.m./ET (3 a.m./PT) on Wednesday, Dec. 25, The Hub will pre-empt regular programming to run its take on the yule log. For four hours, an animated fireplace — as seen at My Little Pony character Pinkie Pie’s house — will showcase a fire as Christmas music plays and characters from various Hub Network shows make cameo appearances.

The Hub even supplied them with a 20-second movie trailer for the four-hour event!

  • Anonymous

    So um…we just watch a log burning for 4 hours?

    • Anonymous

      Guess so. :T