About one day ago, several possible season 4 images were posted on 4chan /mlp/ (the thread has since gone 404), reposted to Derpibooru (the source of our images below), and published by various news outlets. We discussed the issue, but our doubts about their veracity were too severe to allow us to publish them even rumor tagged. Apart from problems with the color gamut and the dimensions (the latter of which being so obvious that it may actually make a fake less likely), the episode title and the erroneous closing quotation mark in one of the images were our main reasons to suspect a fake.

It turned out, however, that they had made the mistake with the quotation mark at least once before (“A Dog and Pony Show”), and just now, The Hub published a new revision (S04E01, S02E02) of the episodic storylines we reported on previously. It turns out that the titles of the premiere episodes have been changed (or corrected) and now align with the one visible in the leaked frame.

Corrected titles of S04E01 and S04E02
  • “Princess Twilight Sparkle – Part 1”
  • “Princess Twilight Sparkle – Part 2”

This additional piece of corroboratory evidence—since a counterfeiting artist could only have anticipated this change by accident—tipped the balance enough for us to allow ourselves to post the gallery.

Leaked season 4 images
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      Ah…. you’re that one that posted that stupid meme on ED in the same news of the S4 leak images. I’m guessing you’re an alicorn Twilight hater…. than why are you still here? To troll?

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    Warning: the last image is from the episode 5, not from the premiere.