Andrea Libman just kindly notified her fans that the Hub is airing a rather special ad for the second season of Pound Puppies. Thus we now know that the voice is actually hers: “I love working on these promo spots for The Hub! Seriously, they come up with the best stuff!”

Thanks to CrimsonAuthor for the recording.

  • Anonymous

    The Hub has commercials that are not only informative, but also entertaining.

    • Aponymous

      also did anyone notice the Saturday HubBunch ones using “Sugar,Spice,and everything…Nice”? lol

      oh and in related news it seems June 2nd also marks another timeslot change. A repeat of the Royal Wedding (Season 2 Finale/A Royal Canterlot Wedding Parts 1 & 2…and hopefully without Tori Spelling) is scheduled for 10am ET/7 am PT Saturday June 2nd.

      [again that’s next-next Saturday]

  • Anonymous

    3 episodes airing that day as well. But that is likely only for that week.

    • Anonymous

      It appears that the weekday schedule is being changed as well. 11am to 12pm EDT and and then instead of repeating either of those they show a different episode at 1:30pm to 2pm EDT. Friday will have a mini marathon from 11am to 1pm EDT.