Preview of Spike at Your Service Via Entertainment Weekly

Applejack Splash by Mane 6

Applejack Splash by Mane 6

As always, Entertainment Weekly has again published a preview clip of the upcoming episode.

Check after the break for some badplot Applejack action!

Thought the ponies would be taking this weekend off for the holidays? Think again.

The Hub’s flagship series will air an all-new episode on Saturday that sees Applejack saving dragon Spike from the Everfree Forest’s wicked Timberwolves. (Naturally, they’re actually made of timber.) Get a glimpse at the pony’s daring rescue in the exclusive clip below:

Welp, I hope those timberwolves aren’t sentient… Or maybe they assemble spontaneously from fallen twigs and limbs, so that their sentience is not bound to their sylvan bodies? Also we were wondering, is that 3D animation for the timberwolves there? [Update: Now we know it is, thanks to Nayuki.]

Anyways, I’m looking forward to lots of cool Applejack martial arts, uh, art.

While we’re on it, below this week’s GetGlue sticker. It went up on the 20th, but since it’s not so terribly revelatory it didn’t warrant a post of its own.


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