Everyone knows the Winter Moon Celebration is best celebration…..ALL HAIL LUNA.  Anyways, I’ve fallen behind on submissions, my apologies to all, again this is my busy time of the year work wise, thankfully Season 1 was all through my “down” time at work which left me plenty of time to make and run the site.  So that means today shall be filled submission reports, and lets do this.

We’re always open for art submissions, I love showing off awesome pieces like the above by Edgar.  And Edgar would love is someone out there with the computer skills could color them up FiM style.  So make a Brony’s day and give a helping hoof.

Also, have Derpy Hooves as a parasprite (by Parasprite)

  • Zerone

    I'd love to color those Rainbow Dash pics! Anyway I could get them in .tif format please?