Rainbow Dash Automaton by ~renegadecow on deviantART


I’m sure that a lot of people know about this amazing work of art by now, and I wanted to dive a bit deeper in to ask some questions of renegadecow, to get a bit more information into the details. Here is the DA page, which has some details, but I wanted to get a bit more from this fine fellow.
Interview question answers after the break.

Did you start working on this project before or after the ‘Find a Pet’ episode?
Definitely after. It was around the end of December 2011 if I recall correctly when I started.

How much time did you spend planning and how much time was spent on actual production, roughly?
I couldn’t really sum up the amount of time spent planning as a lot of it involved zoning out while working on other things. But for actual time spent involving elbow grease, I’d approximate around 120 man-hours.

What was your process for creating this?
Inspiration -> Motivation -> Development -> Perspiration -> Delirium -> Despair -> Dedication -> Done

Was there any specific inspiration for this project?
Yes! BabyLondonStar. The moment I saw her gala Rainbow Dash plushie I immediately took to designing my own pony pattern. It was when I was sketching the pattern when the idea hit me: to make automata instead.

Was there any particular reason why you decided to create Rainbow Dash over any pony?
I find that strange when I think about it myself. I like Rarity most (but not best, there is no best) but couldn’t really think of a movement at the time and ideas eventually flowed to “RD walking while flapping wings” and it stuck.

Where did you pick up the skills that you utilized, and what kind of skills did you utilize, in creating this automaton?
I would say school for the most part. Woodworking from practical arts class, geometry and trigonometry from math, and kinematics from physics.

What kind of tools did you make use of in carving out each part?
I used power tools; a jigsaw for cutting rough shapes and a power drill to bore holes through. But most of the work involved hand tools such as chisels and sanding implements due to the small size of the pieces.

Was there any part of the process that you enjoyed a lot? Any that were really stressful?
I liked carving out the wings most. Hated the painting process, mostly due to using enamels which take considerably longer to dry. It’s very frustrating having to watch paint dry when you’re so close to completion.

What did this project end up costing you, monetarily?
Material wise – not all that much. The tools and equipment I already had, investing in them early on for my normal work and hobbies. It’s time spent which I really look into when looking at cost. Can’t give an exact number though.

Are you interested in this sort of project again in the future?
Definitely yes! I’ve had other plans dreamed up long before Rainbow Dash was finished. I won’t be making copies though, might do Rainbow Dash as a subject again in the future but will be doing something entirely different.

When did you get into/are you actually part of the Pony phenomenon?
I started watching the show around the middle to late last year (2011) so I’d say around that time.

Favorite episode or main writer?
One does not simply choose a favorite episode or writer.

Favorite background pony?
One does not simply choo… DERPY!

Currently, this automa is on ebay, with a starting bid of $200.

Finally, a video of this beast in action:

  • Folly

    I’m so glad he didn’t do Rarity. I’m supposed to be saving my money, after all.

    But seriously… good god this is the coolest thing ever.

  • derpymaths

    yea no kidding. how is that so awesome?

  • Fadflamer

    Looks like it sold for $450.

    I feel so cheap and lame.