The wrong kind of derp – MLP G1: Derpy! by FloppyChiptunes

The iTunes version of “Rainbow Falls” appears to have broken audio tracks. The stereo track is completely silent and the 5.1 track sounds like it was recorded under water.

If you already has bought a copy of the episode, we invite you to contact Apple support about it.

You can find a fixed version on YayPonies, including both a correct 5.1 and stereo track with audio based on the “thebib62” TVRip.

  • The fixed YayPonies version doesn’t contain a 5.1 audio track since the surround sound channels were also silent (only Front L, Front R, Center, and LFE had audio, and Center had the screwed up underwater sound).

    • Not true anymore, RAW has just been replaced with a version that has 5.1 !

  • Some random dude

    thank god im not the only one here, got a refund from them even though i bought the season pass.

  • Waterclam

    Looks like it’s been taken down.