Rainbow Rocks, Power Merch Concepts


Our friend Krypton has brought together some great concept art of this summer’s Rainbow Rocks line. For starters, there’s the stage with Pinkie Pie and lots of themed instruments.

There’s tons of pictures, so hope over the break to check them out.


Twilight is a lead singer with a really impressive outfit.


Sunset Shimmer is looking a lot less evil, but comes with two outfits and an awesome-looking purse.


Vinyl Scratch has a car, who’s windshield is glasses that a child can wear. A pretty cool concept, seen in this prototype.


Rainbow Power Princess Twilight. She comes with separate wings that cover her less-rainbow normal ones.


Castle restaurant play set. Pinkie Pie and Mrs. Cake are in a cardboard playest with a ton of little accessories.



Decorating Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Like the RD, Luna and Fluttershy before, it comes with two markers and various stickers/”tattoos.” This time, they seem to have rooted hair instead of molded hair to color. RD also has the totally wrong cutie mark, but these are prototype images, so it shouldn’t matter much.


Pop singles. If you feel like that cottage playset is too much work but you still want to build your ponies, why not get just the pony? There’s a couple of singles in the works. They all seem to have holes for wings, so that’ll look weird unless you want to get wacky with your customization.



Rainbow comes with foil stickers (ooo) and more hair options.



Unicorns/alicorns have their own mold, with a horn on the left-hand side. This set comes with molded hair for Twilight and yarn hair for Twilight and Cadance. There’s also a little rubber bracelet that you can swap out plastic jewels with various cutie marks in them.

As it’s toy fair season all over the world, you can expect a ton more prototypes to be popping up.

Thanks again for compiling this, Krypton!








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