Virtually across the board, television viewership of cartoons are reaching lows not seen in quite a while. Both MLP and Littlest Pet Shop were no exception, last Saturday. “Gauntlet of Fire” drew an estimated 196,000 viewers last Saturday on Discovery Family while LPS’s “It’s A Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy World” drew just 64,000. Both are lows since we’ve recorded viewership for both shows.

They were not alone as both Adventure Time and Regular Show drew South of one million viewers on Cartoon Network for the first time in ages. I should emphasize for those wishing to panic in the comment box that this is just the viewership on Discovery Family and it does not account for other means of viewing the episodes.

The Season Six average for MLP is 293,200 after five episodes while the Season Four average for LPS is now at 144,889 after 18 episodes. MLP takes a bye week this weekend and returns April 30th with “No Second Prances” at 11:30am ET/10:30am CT on Discovery Family while LPS does return this Saturday with “Race Team:  Buttercream” at noon ET/11am CT.

Ratings information for this report is courtesy of Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily as measured by Nielsen Media Research.


  • Raffaele Lanza

    Mmmhhhh, Dan that you know, there was a special recurrency on April 16th? There were ratings drops everywhere, not only DF…