ReBoot: ManeFrame

Submitted by BronyMike (again, yesterday and again, I think I saw it up on EqD).  I remember this cartoon, I think it was one of the first I saw that was CGI, though as Mike said in his letter “most bronies seem to be around the same age group so a lot of them would probably get some sweet nostalgia outta this.

Well even I get some nostalgia out of this, I’m on that creepier end of the brony age with several others (you know, the soon to be 30+ crowd).  I don’t remember when but at some point I did get to watch this series in part, memory is bad of that era because, well I don’t sugar coat stuff here, early 2000s directly out of high school I spent most of the time smoking weed, watching cartoons and playing games.  Oh, how fun, at least I still play games and watch cartoons.  But I do remember the series end when they actually rebooted.


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