RedBubble and Pony Art

There’s been a ripple in the dA community, egophiliac first mentioned something where a Zazzle-like online store allowing users to upload pictures to make into apparel. Obviously, due to the lack of Official Merchandise people will seek out other means to get their Pony Swag on. This has led to the inevitable: Selling shirts with unauthorized artwork from artists. Which gets people angry really quick.

The Geek Professor has written an article today about his findings and his experience with the website’s DMCA Takedown procedures. Which basically states that if the artist themselves stumble upon their artwork being used without authorization they can go through the proper channels to get it taken down, he goes on to say (which is not unreasonable) that the seller of the shirts pay an “infringement fine” which will be taken from the total calculated profits the apparel had made and sent to the artist, along with some other measures to make sure that the seller never does it again.

He is also upset that RedBubble doesn’t police these things themselves and it takes the actual artist themselves to come in and crack some skulls. There is also a handy little list of the Infringers and the Artists at the bottom of the article they happened to have ripped off  and a link to the DMCA form for good measure.

I have no experience with art theft as I’m not technically a “real artist” as those people who took down color-by-numbers as an artform in the 60’s say. Still, I’m not really sure how I would feel if people were making money on something I worked on, maybe I’d ask for a free shirt asked them to stop and called it even, who knows.

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