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The above image is actually an alternate cover for MLP #1, drawn by Amy Mebberson as a Hastings exclusive [via EQD].  However, the point of this particular article is that at the MLP Project event in New York, there were evidently pre-lettered previews of some of the comic pages on display, the Round Stable reports.  As you might imagine, it contains *some* spoilers, so be careful.  You can catch the preview images after the break, or by clicking the previous link.


  • Anonymous

    … I need to own this.
    I never buy comics, but this will be the one major exception.

  • Citrus Rain

    Oh look! It’s Firefly! (with… pinkie pie style hair?)
    I wonder if this means we’ll see Surprise? (keeping my hooves crossed, and hoping she’s a wonderbolt)

    Loled at the “Blues Brothers”