My G4 Mintyby ~Ari0TH

My G4 Minty by Ari0TH

Interesting submission by Senn 555:  an Amazon listing for My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: A Very Minty Christmas.  Thing is, a G3 special with that subtitle already exists, not to mention the fact that the G4 holiday is called ‘Hearth’s Warming Eve’.  Whether it’s a misnaming of a re-release of the G3 special, placeholder title, or what is not presently known, so consider it a rumor for the time being.  I’ve contacted Shout Factory regarding the listing, and will update when they respond.

  • My name’s not Sean. :C

  • Anon14

    Probably season 3. The minty thing is probably a place holder like “Fall” was for Eauestria Girls.

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  • EQD had a picture of ShoutFactory tweeting that they have no clue what that’s all about.