I saw this image of an Email posted on /co/, I can’t help but feel that it’s not legit but I’ll post it anyways because it would be HUGE news.

Due to all the complaining from pretty much everyone else m00t probably finally gave in like he did with the Pokemon Crowd.

Anyways, be on the lookout for /br/ sometime soon.

  • Bronies

    Seems to me a meassure to gain again the lost Bronies because of 4cha Haters there, now that they see that we are updated to subculture and not just fans of some show.

    My advise: Stay on Ponibooru, FiMchan and Ponychan. Also could be an anti-pony meassure while they "open" the new board but unlikely.

  • Pyritie

    /oc/ looks like a clone of /r9k/, and look how THAT turned out

  • derpymaths

    ^^ what bronies said. they're a buncha vultures. they kicked us out when we were just starting up, now that we've gotten popular, they want us back? ppfft.. lame.

  • Gingersnaps

    I loved /r9k/.