Spike – Footprint by *mysticalpha

Spike joins the Great Dragon Migration on a journey of self-discovery, but when he meets a tough and tumble gang of teenage dragons, Spike wonders if they have the key to the various questions that he has about his identity.


  • Spazz

    I am offended by Crabby.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. It was very ableist and should be removed from the show.

    • Anononono

      who’s crabby?

  • Cole

    Uploading to nico nico douga

  • Moebius

    Again no Derpy this week, or am I just plain stupid?

  • Anonymous

    Excellent episode. I noticed quite a few complainers on other sites saying “they didn’t go into the dragon history enough.” That wasn’t the point. The episode was about Spike, and it did an excellent job with that.

    My only slight problem with the episode is that there was just a little *too* much of the teenage dragon “antics.” They were humorous at first but started to get a little grating after a while (even though that was the intended effect, it didn’t make them any less obnoxious).