Wat by *SpeccySY

Directed By: Jayson Thiessen Storyboarded by (Senior/Junior): Tom Sales & Corey Toomey Official (?) Synopsis: “After a cake she is guarding for a contest is destroyed on the way to Canterlot, Pinkie Pie starts an investigation into who the culprit is, which turns into one of the silliest criminal investigations in the history of Equestria.” [Source]


  • MrBoltitude

    Well that was… an episode. I’m not sure what to really say about it; it was just kinda meh. There were some clever bits, but most of the jokes fell flat for me.
    Really, this episode didn’t play to the series’s strengths, which are its well developed characters and how they interact with each other. This just felt like a string of half hearted pop culture jokes. Not that I’m totally against pop culture references in the show, but before they’ve only been in the background (Like in Cutie Pox) or were integral to the plot(Like in Swarm of the Century or Read it and Weep). In this episode they were here just to be jokes. Jokes that weren’t all that funny.
    That’s my two cents on the ep. anyway.

    • MrBoltitude

      I give it a 3.5.

  • Spazz

    “When the rampage happened in Donutopia, It became a Whodonut.”

  • Anonymous

    basil34 got assraped by Justin.tv’s filter shit.

  • Masky

    It was okay but the entire episode took place on the train and that just really bored.

  • Steph

    I usually watch Basil’s stream since last year, in fact. Darn.

    Umm..hey,the moral of the story is: if your friends demolish you and your employer’s contest entry–don’t get mad, because they just couldn’t help themselves. Don’t worry either, your competitors will demolish each others entries and you’ll all team up and make an awesome entry which is a mish-mosh of all four entries and it’ll win.

    Um.. I could’ve totally forgiven this one for it’s WTF-ery…if it had been funny.

  • ReallyNow

    Basil has another channel, he streamed the episode there yesterday. In case anyone is wondering, his alt’s name is basilalt.

  • Anonymous

    has anyone spotted derpy yet? D: