S4e01 & S4e02 – Princess Twilight Sparkle

Written by Meghan McCarthy
The fourth season begins with a revealing two-part premiere in which the newly crowned Princess Twilight must balance her new royal duties and her friendship with the other ponies. Amid preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration in Canterlot, Princesses Celestria [sic] and Luna go missing and the Everfree Forest is taking over Equestria. These unexpected turn of events sends Princess Twilight and her pony friends on a quest to discover a mysterious foe who threatens to destroy everything. It is all up to Princess Twilight and her friends to help save Equestria from being destroyed. As part of the journey, Princess Twilight is given the chance to discover the secret behind the Elements of Harmony.
DN Rating: 8/10

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  • Anonymous

    The tree of harmony (spoilers)

  • Anonymous

    The tree is in the everfree forest. Nopony knew about it until a diaster happens and Twilight (with her friends) go WAY DEEP in the Everfree forest, Which everypony was too scared to do.

  • Anonymous

    OMG OMG!!

  • Spazz

  • chipmunk

    The youtube episodes are down :(

    • As we saw towards the end of Season 3, Hasbro will be making content sweeps across YouTube. From my understanding these are taking place on Mondays, thus you’ll have to snag a viewing before then. I’d have to double check my notes but HubWorld I do believe plans on uploading the show episodes in HD. Otherwise use the video channels or check an episode guide.