Sac Brony Expo Opening Ticket Sales

You have a choice between standard tickets, vendor tickets, and two kinds of VIP tickets for the September 14 convention.

For a long time, people have been asking us, “How much is it for presale tickets and vendor’s tables?” Have you checked out our website recently? I think you’ll be in for quite the surprise; we are happy to announce that registration is open for everyone!

General attendance tickets start at $10, but if you want to get front row seats, cool buttons, and access to a special event we will be holding, you can purchase VIP tickets, which come in two flavors: LVL 1 and LVL 2, each with their own sets of perks.

As for vendor’s tickets, they start at $30 which comes with two passes! There are also VIP options in case any of the vendors want to go off and enjoy the convention.

Registration for musical performances, events, and showcases for projects are also open! If you’re interested in holding an event at Sac Brony Expo, showing off your mad beats to fellow musicians, or demonstrating how awesome your artwork is, we have a form system set up where you can send us your pieces! If your topic is approved, you’ll have chance to show off at the con!

The convention’s general etiquette guidelines have been set up and posted, under the “Guidelines” tab on our website. It’s a short list of what we expect out of every attendee at the con, with additional guidelines for people who are registering for a table or performance slot. We want this con to be fun not only for bronies, but families and members of the community as well, so please take the time to familiarize yourself with our our rules!

With that, we hope to see you all there! Below are the link to the pages:

Guest Registration w/ VIP Information:

Vendor’s Registration w/ Guidelines:

Events/Music/Panels/Small Presentation w/ Guidelines:

Projects w/ Guidelines

General Guidelines:

Before we leave, check out this awesome song by Sky Bolt, named “Sac Brony Expo Ballad!” Check it out right here:

Thanks, Sky Bolt! /)

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