Hot Topic Giveaway

Hot Topic is holding a daily giveaway of fourteen Comic-Con-exclusive fashion style Derpies (if that’s the correct plural) on Facebook, as Equestria Daily reports. (Of course they don’t mention her name anywhere on the page.) From their Facebook wall:

Calling all My Little Pony fans and bronies! Want to win an exclusive, special edition MLP vinyl figure? We’ll be giving one away daily for the next two weeks! Enter now for your chance to win:

Good luck, folks!

  • Citrus Rain

    There better be a way to enter for me. A person who deleted facebook 3 times before it would actually go away, and does not like facebook’s “privacy” practices.

    Forgive me if I sound a little peeved. I just hate when companies / businesses use facebook instead of their own site as the only place to host a promotion.

    • Full ack!

      I’m using a separate browser profile for Facebook because it wouldn’t let me log in when I blocked cookies from the domain (as I do in my default browser). I’ve also tried to keep my Facebook profile as anonymous as possible, though that has already deteriorated due to my joining of various non-random groups and friends’ adding me. However, I’m also adding a lot of random roleplay accounts as friends to dilute the profile.

  • Brendan

    US Exclusive competitions make me sad Aussie. :(

  • Forensic Fernando

    I got a good feeling I’m gonna win one of these in the upcoming week.

    Good luck my brothers and sisters, but one of these will come to me.