SDCC DJ-PON3 Exclusive Figure Photos

     Now that this majestic mare (not stallion) is openly available for purchase for the time being, here’s what you can come to expect from your $50 tiny horse toy. The base of the packaging is part of the display and had embedded blue LED lights angled directly at the figure with two patterns that last roughly 10 seconds: solid ON and sequential blinking. The light display is activated via button push on the from of the base. Yes, batteries are included! The figure is also secured to the base with screws, which you can loosen in order to free it. As advertised, Swarovski crystals are embedded in the glasses and horn. The mane as well as cutie mark are painted on in flock-ish glittery colors. Detailed photos behind the jump.

Click photos for hi-res!

  • Pheonix

    I love how this is labeled ADULT :D They understand!