this thing man, its like...on my head bro. by Futtashy

this thing man, its like...on my head bro. by Futtashy

Thanks to Cereal, we are informed that you are now able to stream season 2 off Netflix if the service is available in your country. According to a commenter on his post, however, the The Last Roundup version is the censored one. This would not come unexpected, but hasn’t been independently verified at this point.

This move by Netflix had already been announced shortly after season 1 became available:

“We are very excited to be working with Hasbro Studios,” said Cindy Holland, Vice President of Content Acquisition at Netflix. “This deal allows us to offer even more great kids’ programming to our members, both adults and kids alike, including new seasons of My Little PonyTransformers Prime, and Pound Puppies after the season finale airs on The Hub.”

To the right, some more proof, courtesy Spazz.


  • Just to confirm, its the edited Last Roundup.


  • Foxtrack

    Yes, i confirmed that the last round up is an edited one. The difference here is that rainbow dash does not say derpy, but does not have the groan, also derpy’s eyes are still “derpy” for the most part instead of fixed. and the new voice is used but still keeps the spirit of derpy. So consider this to be the second edit, giving a good mid ground for all.

  • Derp

    Netflix why u no available in my country yet????

  • Graem

    Heh, I remember getting so psyched the day that FiM originally showed up on to Netflix, I actually set up an account! Too bad I’m Canadian and FiM isn’t available on Canada’s Netflix. Thank goodness for the free trial period.

    Well, back to square one.

    This is pretty cool for those who get to take advantage of it, though. Enjoy the legal Poni eps!

  • Graem

    ^ EDIT: remove “to” in “on to Netflix”.

  • Dogman15

    Netflix is using production order rather than broadcast order for episodes 11-13.