Season 5 Trailer via Yahoo! TV

With no exact date yet, the season 5 hype continues with this new trailer (via Yahoo! TV).
  • Brooklyn Vegan

    Hopefully the LAST season. God please just stop with the ponies already enough.

    • Jason Zaan

      They are going on making MLP till 2017 :D Get Rekt!

      • RainbowDash

        Actually I heard it was 10.

        • :L


        • Jason Zaan

          Even better xD

    • Diamond Dog

      Nobody makes you watch it. You’re doing it to yourself. You’ve nobody else to blame.

  • Gray Hoof

    Hello little fillies, and welcome to Sunny Town- uh, *cough cough* I mean… Equals Town?

    The party just started. Please help yourselves to food and drinks.