MLP FiM S2 Character Cluster-fun by ~Blue-Paint-Sea

The above was whipped up with the general idea of the official Comic Con poster that got passed around last year. So this will be the obvious last Artwork Aftershock for the season. This one shall be dubbed the mega post, as there are 75+ images in the gallery behind the page break, all from A Canterlot Wedding. Enjoy.

  • RoboPlop

    I think this artwork shows who the real star of the episode was.

  • Anonymous

    Great poster. I really hope the show staff does up an official one for S2 like they did for S1.

  • Chrysalis… Chrysalis everywhere. She’s is one hell of a villain. If only discord were to be serious for once and not fool around.

    But still… Dem Artwork

  • Anonymous

    Season 3 will need more Discord