Crystal Fair Song

Crystal Fair Song

Seems everyone was asleep when this hit, but that’s what we have night shifts for here at DHN (who wake up regrettably late on weekends).

It seems we’ll learn more about Princes Cadance’s backstory, and about a certain Crystal Kingdom with crystal ponies. That name has a more fairy tale–like ring to it than “Crystal Empire,” don’t you think?

And I don’t want to keep this from you: Seth of Equestria Daily documenting the pony panel at Comoic-Con. We already posted a short summary, and DerpySquad will probably indulge you all with a comprehensive Comic-Con writeup once we know ALL the facts.

The video was released by PixelatedGeek along with a better version of The Failure Song that was released earlier. Many thanks for the heads-up to Elissa!

Watch it after the break, so the homepage doesn’t “scroll slow.”