The first wave of Enterplay trading cards sold out a month or so back, so they just finished printing up the second edition! They’ll be back on shelves the same places you found them before, and it’s the same cards as before. The first run (first edition) had some spelling, grammar and continuity errors on them, so if you’re huge into having complete card collections, you’re going ot have to pick up this new wave, too.

You can also get a collectors tins of cards at stores, too. Inside the tin is some packs of cards, a list of all the cards, and a promo Twilight Sparkle card. Normally, promo cards are only available at cons, so they’re pretty expensive. Twilight will obviously be a lot cheaper than the others, due to her much easier means of getting her.

You can pick up Enterplay cards in either the pony or collectible card game aisles. They’ve been found at Targets, Walmarts, Toys ‘R Uses and local hobby stores. You can also buy packs of cards on Enterplay’s site.

[Source: EqD]

  • Citrus Rain

    Does anyone know if it’s “Time Turner” or “Doctor Hoof”? (or other?)

    I need to grab more error cards…

    • TechPhek

      Citrus Rain,

      Right now, Enterplay cards refer to him as Time Turner, while We Love Fine refer to him as Doctor Hoof. Enterplay cards are more canon than We Love Fine shirts, so we his most “correct” name right now is Time Turner.

      I hope that clears things up!

      • Citrus Rain

        Ah. I thought they changed their mind after they made the cards.

        Still… My headcanon is that “Time Turner” is simply the pony equivalent to using the “John Smith” alias.

  • Stereopony

    I sadly haven’t found the Tin at my local wal-mart yet, but hoping it’ll come in soon I’d really love to have a nice tin to keep all my extra cards in, and that Twilight promo & poster are nice.