By: Author-Chan

I love humanized pony art. That’s what is on the menu tonight. Hopefully there are some in here that you haven’t seen yet! There’s a lotta twlight in this one. I’ll try to even it out as best I can, also sorry to John Joseco right away, your stuff gets posted all the time everywhere, lets give someone else a chance for now.

The weeaboo is strong in this one

By Meroni
by Creepyfish
by umeh
by irving – zero (this guy works on the show!)
by kaishu256
by 123hamster
by littlepirate
by DDhew
by semehammer
by applestems
by gddisgrace
by dmsal1818
by fanart-freak
by DonEnaya
by thelivingmachine02
by Author-Chan

Aaaaand I think that’s it, any more and I’ll be digging back into august. I don’t really want to do that, I like to stay current as much as possible. Sorry if I missed yours!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Don't really get it myself. It was the cute and colorful pony designs that initially pulled me in.I can see cute human girls in a hundred other shows or media.

  • plaster

    true, I dunno what it is. I love the pony designs but seeing them as "humans" is a different ballgame to me

  • derpymaths

    thats a quality art dump. lovin' applestems' rarities. way to go.